New Orleans is everything I didn’t expect it to be.


She is mysterious, delicate, and cultured. I was only there for less than 48 hours and it didn’t take much for me to fall in love with New Orleans at first sight. It was one of those trips I take that I didn’t want to record or take pictures of anything, not because there isn’t beauty to capture, rather because it was so perfect that I wanted to live presently in the streets with the people holding their bourbon dancing around or make stops at every café that sold beignets to stuff my face with the powdery-sugary French pastry.

This is not a place to sit back and vacation. This is not a place you travel to alone. This is not a place you go for a whole week. This is the place where you pack the most minimal items on a backpack (LITERALLY!), grab your best friend(s), book the cheapest hotel room you can find in the French Quarter (NOWHERE ELSE!) with a balcony if you get lucky, and get on a damn flight the next day!

You’re feeling bored out of your mind at home and you’ve got a few dollars to spare, GO TO NEW ORLEANS!


  • 2 DRESSES (super light!!)
  • 1 SNEAKERS (wearing them)
  • 1 HEELS
  • FLAT IRON (my best friend brought hers!!)
  • MY SONY ALPHA 6000 (for blogging, which I didn’t do on it because I didn’t bring my charger)

I created this little list, but you really don’t need one for New Orleans… you just go with it. Still, this may be of help. I did it on my way to the airport on my iphone notes…

Places to enjoy a little breakfast/brunch (I had a hard time finding vegan friendly places):

  • Elizabeths
  • New Orleans Cake Cafe
  • Cafe Du Mon
  • Hivolt Coffee
  • Biscuts & buns
  • Mais arepas V
  • Cane & Table V
  • Acme Osyter House V
  • Mothers (po’boy, jambayala)

If you want to do some bar hoping:

  • Spirits (Resurrection)
  • Tropical Isle (Go in for the Hand Grenade)
  • Pat O Brien’s
  • Abita brewery
  • Old Absinthe House

If you’re into sightseeing like me:

  •  French Quarter
  • Bourbon St
  • Pirates Alley
  • Frenchman St
  • Lafayette Cementery
  • French Square

And if this is not enough, enjoy these very random pictures I took of my best friend Mara, whom tried her very best to take photos of me, but is by no means a photographer just very good at angles…

The first thing we did when we got to New Orleans.. can you spy her hair-iron? haha… no kidding when we say we travel light..


loved these little streets

Most of the city was under construction.

enroute to eat a lot.

but, not before we take some photos of us in the sts of New Orleans… cos otherwise did it really happen?

This sunset was beautiful.

Bourbon St

We were so eager to try the infamous hand grenade..

oh, New Orleans

More Bourbon fun


So recently, I went on an adventure with Local Guddy to explore the city of Miami with a local. We took an early run around some of Miami’s well known areas like Downtown and Brickell.

I wanted to get a taste of how Local Guddy worked and how reliable it was to recommend any of you solo travelers to the app. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun. When Local Guddy invited me, I picked Miami because I know the city very well, and to my surprise, I was impressed with how much I learned from another local.

So if it’s in your plans to do this New Orleans trip on your own, but you want to have the “local” experience and have a local show you around parts of the city, then try Local Guddy. I haven’t done it since Miami, but I am not shying away from the chance of doing it in my upcoming trips, since I had a good experience my first time.

Outside of Cane & Table… the only vegan-friendly restaurant I was lucky to find

Practically all I eat lately


My last photo before getting on my uber and waving my goodbyes to New Orleans… very sad photo haha


If you’ve been to New Orleans and you feel like I’ve missed anything… let me know in the comments below. I’m definitely thinking of going back!

I created a vlog for this trip, click here to or watch it out below! enjoy. xo

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