The New Black – OOTD

Most of the time, I want to be in sweats and in a big ol’ boyfriend shirt – let’s be honest here. However, that’s mostly never the case for me. Being the person that I am, I’m always out and about and I’m never home. I wanted to share my current “every-day-look.” I am obsessed-obsessed (did I say obsessed?) with Mallorquinas (the sandals worn in the pictures). I currently own about 4 pairs on different shades of nude. I bought a pair during my shopping spree in La Gran Via (aka the Broadway Street of Madrid, Spain). Since then, I pretty much have discarded any other sandal that I own. They are the most comfortable sandals ever! And they’re super cute and fashionable for a Miami gal like me. I’m wearing a lot of black right now even if it’s hot as can be here in Miami, but black is still the new black and you can never go wrong with it. I love these ripped jeans or ripped jeans in general and every time I think they’re going out of style, I find people wearing them again. I am also in love with the shoulder-length tops right now for summer. I took these shots at the Florida Keys under humidity but being comfortable is all me. I will make my outfit fashionable before walking out the door but I will never wear something that does not make me feel comfortable for at least half a day. Know what I’m saying?

Clothing Credit:
Top Zara
Bottoms Forever 21
Sandals Avarcasusa