Dancing in September – OOTD

I wanted to write something exciting to share with you guys along with these amazing pictures taken by my friend @legendaryalex. The truth is I’m on a carb-cycling diet that has me indifferent with everything. For the past year or so, I’ve been changing my diet back and forth to eliminate all salt, sugars, and sauces. I know what you’re thinking…THAT I AM CRAZY. And sure, maybe I am missing out on a delicious and greasy pizza, but I feel responsible to keep myself healthy for a lifetime. While I am planning what to wear on my next trip, that’s only 8 days away from today by the way, all I can think about is cupcakes and chocolate. I have what people consider a “cheat-meal” once a week where I devour a plate of food with plenty of carbs. Hmm, maybe I blog my cheat meal for you guys, since they’re always different.

Anyways, I loved this shoot with Alex because it captures what Fall is like in Miami – Wet, Wet, and Wet. I was so excited to finally put on a pair of jeans and get rid of the mid-length clothing that’s worn 70% of the time in sunny Miami. Unfortunately, the weather is never at your convenience and during our shoot it rained on our parade. But boy do I love working with Alex, he makes the best of any scenario and we were able to capture these for you. So here you go my current September-ish look and my current obsession – bell-bottoms jeans. I’m so happy they’re back in style and more stores have them available. I don’t like to over dress when I’m wearing these kind of jeans, so I always just throw a t-shirt or loose top with platform shoes when wearing this combination.

Can we note how wet my jeans are?

photos by @legendaryalex

Get my look
Bell bottom jeans, here and here.
T-shirt similar to mine, here, here (obsessed with them), and here.
Shoes similar to mine here.
Necklace here.
Bangles are Kate Spade, “Partner in Crime” and you can buy them here.
Camera is vintage Leica
Purse/Bag is Zara summer collection (no longer available) but the fall collection one is here.
iPhone case is Meow White by H&M and it’s no longer available but I found similar here.