For all full-time students alike | DIY

So I have been extremely busy. Sometimes I think no one is as busy as I am, because guys I AM BUSY. If you stopped by my blog last week, forgive me for not posting anything. I did take pictures of my busy life to share with you what I have been doing and contribute a few things I’ve learned about time management. Turns out, planning is extremely important for full time students and employees. If you go to school full time and work full time, I get you – it’s not as easy at all. I have been “full-time” since I started college, but this senior year is kicking my behind pretty good. Anyways, here are a few things that have been keeping me sane since school started, hope this helps you too.

If your schedule is like mine (work, school, gym, homework OR work, side-work, gym, homework) you probably need to keep up with the schedule. To do this, I set alarms to remind me of every-little-thing. I set alarms on my phone to keep me on my feet with my meals and what I have to do during the day. (I’ll forget to eat if I’m doing about a million things.) Trust me, I hate alarms but they prevent me from forgetting anything planned throughout the day.

If you are completely stressed out and are not sure where to start – drink tea or coffee. I have been stacking up my Starbucks gold card this semester and we just started, but luckily Starbucks gives you a free drink after every 15 points or so. I always have a triple shot macchiato with coconut milk over ice or a green tea frap no whip cream-no sweetener with coconut or soy milk. These are my ultimate Starbucks drinks and they both average 150-170 calories if you’re into the healthy stuff like I am.

Also, take time off from homework to exercise, go outside and enjoy the sun, or simply binge watch your favorite show. I have been doing all 3 on rotation. Depending on my level of stress, I’ll definitely go for a run if I am super overwhelmed. If I have things to do but they’re not that serious, I’ll go to the beach and lay out. If I have 1 or 2 things left to be done and time seems to side with me, I’ll binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix. Right now, I have finished Beauty and The Beast, Once upon a time, Narcos, and I’m re-watching Friends for the third time.

In a few weeks I’ll be heading out on vacation because my 23rd birthday is coming. However, I want to have blogs scheduled to post during my time away. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I am considering a photography/editing video for anyone who is into quick and easy app editing on your mobiles. Let me know down below if you’d like something similar or anything really. Talk soon!