DIY Photography-Packaging

The photography industry is forever changing. As a lifestyle photographer I have to be up with the trends to keep my brand with the times. I am a complete perfectionist when it comes to my work. I like to make sure I scout a rare location, and that all pictures are edited with the same color schemes and hues. What can I say, I am a details girl.
I think it’s important to separate your brand from others by being different. I know you’ve heard this before, but standing out is key in photography. One of the aspects of photography is the branding and packaging of the pictures. Most photographers like to send their photos by files through Dropbox. Now, if you don’t know what Dropbox is let me tell you. Dropbox helps photographers send pictures to a client through a link. Now, this is very convenient, but remember a lot of photographers do this and you want to stray away from being “another photographer.”

I am in the trial and error process of creating the perfect brand for my photography business. So I decided to share this process with you.

First, picking your brand name is essential. I didn’t really pick my brand name, it sort of happen on it’s own. I created my username JocelynFotografia on Instagram a few years back and started posting my images there. It received a lot of attention so to change my name meant I would lose the little following it already had. So I kept it. At the end of the day, your brand should depict the very meaning of what your business stands for. When it comes to themes for your company, mine is still a work in progress but I decided to go with simple and creative. There’s a saying that goes by “less is more” and I could not agree more.
I am in the midst of deciding my photography packaging and again everything is trial and error until I find the perfect fit for my company. This will also happen to you. I did this packaging after shooting with WonderFlorDesigns– a flowering company. I found everything affordable thanks to all the research done.
For packaging I used a crafted cardboard box (small size) to hold all the goodies – You can purchase it at eBay for only $6, here is the link.
For inside of the box, I used purple-paper confetti to fill in space inside the box, but you can use anything really – I purchased this at a shop near my home, but I know you can find it at any craft store for less than $2.
My business cards and photography stickers were created and purchased at social print. I highly recommend them. I love the uniqueness of my business cards and even more that I can include stickers for my clients of their own pictures as an extra touch. Both business cards and and stickers can be purchased here for only $35.
Also inside the box, I included a little goodie white-mesh bag with Hershey’s chocolates inside of it. Nothing chocolate can’t fix, but I am currently looking for a company that can make sweets and label them with my name on them (If you know of anyone, let me know). This would be a nice touch, right? But for now, I stood with simple and it only cost me $4. If you want to purchase the mesh goodie bags, visit this link to redirect you back to eBay.
For the actual images, I used a key usb in the color gold to store all the images (not pictured) but if you visit this link, you’ll understand exactly what I am referring to. The cost of this item was roughly around $5 each key usb.
As for the outside of the box, I wanted to wrap the box with orange and red-pink strings. I bought mine at Michael’s, but again, any craft store near your area should have them for no more than $3.
Also outside the box, I wanted something different than just a simple tag (because all photography packaging should include a tag). I decided to purchase these unique cardboard box theme tags with little hearts in them… so cute. Okay, but seriously? Doesn’t it just flow together? I didn’t want to write anything on them so I either included my business info or I placed a chalkboard-like-sticker with chalk drawings on it. The total cost for this was just $5 for the tags and $5.49 for the chalkboard stickers where you can find both items here & here.

The total cost for my photography packaging was $65.49 dollars. It doesn’t get any better than this.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and please leave me any comments below if you want any of my help or more information.
Until my next post!