Can we substitute the summer dresses and piña coladas for over-sized sweaters and jackets like this lovely red one from Bagatelle City that hugged my arms so nicely all I was missing was a pumpkin spice latte?

more pumpkin spice lattes, please!

In case you didn’t know, as a Floridian, it’s tough to enjoy the ‘change of seasons’ since all we get is summer all year long. Unless we are flying out during the winter vacations, the most of Fall we are getting is the occasional windy days. If so.

On side note, is Fall/Winter really considered cuddle season? Because if so, I’ve already prepped my house, restocked the fridge, and just upgraded my Hulu account to no commercials. I’m ready to cuddle with Sawyer while watching re-runs of our favorite shows.

What are you guys up to these days?

And most importantly, any winter vacations in mind? I have a few up my sleeves.

Photos by Annabel

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