I think I’ve overdone myself in the past few months.

Unpacked to pack again has been my routine since the end of August. I went from New Orleans to Puerto Rico to emergency packing for hurricane Irma to packing for Miami to reloading for Madrid, Toledo, Manarola, Rioggiomare, Vernazza, Monterosso, Corniglia, and then back to Madrid to then landing in the states in Miami to catch a flight to Salt Lake City, Utah the next day.

And then it happened, I came home to Sawyer with a minor (almost tiny) fracture in his spine. How it happened? No one knows. Sawyer is hyper since birth and he loves to be jumping up and down. He stays with my mum while I travel and she lives in a two-story house that his vet is almost sure he must have made a bad movement to cause the injury. I had the nastiest knot in my stomach. I couldn’t stop feeling guilty for leaving him for this long. Though he was under amazing care (my mum) I know things happen, but I still couldn’t shake that I wasn’t there to take care of him. So, little sawyer is officially a service dog. He will be flying with his mum when the travel is appropriate. As for the stairs… let’s just say sawyer would have to be human to be able to trespass.

Which makes me think about everything else, would I ever give up travels to start a family?

I’m more passionate than ever before to this and my commitment never as strong. I feel like with your encouragement and continues support, I can push forward. Most of you know blogging is not my only job, I still do marketing for a company that shall not be named and it too requires me to be on the road most of the time. There’s been a lot on my mind, as you can see.

Overall, life is still as beautiful as ever. I am preparing to decorate my home for the holidays. My mom and I are still debating where Thanksgiving dinner is going to be held (my house or hers). There’s a couple of months left before I have to move houses again, so I am on the official hunt. Also debating if Tampa is still in play or moving back to Miami will work best. I have already started my 2018 goals, because I’m all about starting early and getting ahead of the game, which reminds me we have to revisit my 2017 goals together and cross the items I did accomplish of the list. I will be packing this weekend for my upcoming trip to the big apple with my girlfriends. We’ve got a whole ‘Sex and The City’ vibes going.

I’m signing off now, but this little look was shot a few months back with Anna, who has turned out to be my favorite person to work with. I am also completely committed to skirts. I will be wearing skirts this entire fall and winter season, because I can get away with this Florida heat. Are you guys loving this trend? or is it a pass for you? Anyways, If you haven’t checked out Anna’s website or her Instagram, do so. Give her some love. Until next post, xo

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