I can’t believe today I’m turning a quarter of a century old. I’m here seating looking out a window overseeing the old city of Toledo in Spain, and I figured I post something for you today.

I wanted to write about all the things I’ve learned until this very moment, but all our lives are so different that truth be told, I can only give you one advice and that is to never give up.

I’m thinking back to all the times I wanted to quit;

Like my first year of college when I realized I went through four-years of high school trying to be the perfect student, when in reality I wanted to write and take pictures. I knew a degree wasn’t going to give me the soul food I needed, but I still finished it anyways because giving up was not an option.

Like my first breakup and heartbreak, when I wanted to give up on love, but I knew that a life without it has no meaning so we either give love to ourselves or someone comes along and reminds us why love is love.

Like the times I almost gave up on friends, because accepting that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever is hard. This one I called the art of letting go and let it grow. And if you get lucky, there are friendships like plants that if you water them enough and let them soak up on the sun, they bloom into beautiful friendships that last a life time, though these are very rare.

Like the time I almost quit blogging, because I didn’t feel like my writing and photography was good enough.

There has been so many times that I almost gave up on something that made me happy, because of doubt and fear. I’m sure these will come back to hunt me in the future, but I feel like this time I will have the upper hand.
And as for traveling, well, I don’t have to pay dues for being underage when renting cars. So if you ask me, I’m already winning.

Cheers to life, xo

All photos taken by Annabelsway.

Hair and Make up by Lianet Suarez.