It ain’t easy, but…

For about five to six months now I have been trying…really trying…to quit all animal products. There’s a huge trend right now of people transitioning into being vegan, or vegetarian, or pescatarian or whatever else is out there. I used the word trend not to be negative in any kind of way, but for the past year, I’ve seen so many of us give this a shot. I haven’t had any chicken, pig, or red meat in about 5-6 months now. Personally I don’t miss it. The lack of dairy in my life has only done wonders to my skin, which I have been battling for years to get rid of acne. I was able to do so without any over the counter medication, or expensive creams, or mask… or just about anything except dairy. That’s all it took to at last see a smooth layer of skin on my face. Like everything, when your body goes through a drastic kind of transition it supposed to react, and I have gained a few pounds that I am now working hard to get rid of, without having to use animal-product sources. The hardest part for me is getting rid of seafood, mostly fish, because I was always a fan, but I’m trying very hard not to eat it. So far, I have gone a week and a few days without eating it and this is a big accomplishment. I want to be very honest about this, because if not then I’m going to completely fail. I have shared in a previous post why I decided to do the switch. If you want to know more, visit 5 things I’m giving up for a happier tomorrow.

Out of all the vegan options I have tried, anything falafel is my go to. (FOR MY NON-VEGAN READERS, FALAFEL IS MADE OUT OF CHICKPEAS/GARBANZO BEANS AND ITS DELICIOUS!) Imagine my excitement when I received an invitation from Amsterdam Falafel Shop Miami to go by their new location in South FL? I was super excited! Still am, because now I have another restaurant to go to when I run out of cooking ideas on the weekdays or want to enjoy a Sunday brunch. This is by no means a sponsored post, but I wanted to recommend this restaurant to all of you because I really did enjoy their food. They are not 100% vegan because they have sauces that are created with dairy products, but for the most part, you can make it so it’s vegan as vegan gets.

I went in on a Sunday and it wasn’t as busy as I expected it to be, especially since it’s in a very highly saturated location in Miami. I was greeted by Devang, who is one of the owners of the restaurant. He was extremely welcoming and made us (my photographer friend Ana and I) try everything there is on the menu! I did not hesitate… falafel? Yes please. He gave me a little recap on how it all started back in Amsterdam and since their start they have opened 4 locations in the US: Massachusetts, DC, Texas, and now Florida with two locations. I was even more happy to find out that the falafel is made fresh every single day. It’s not packaged or frozen. I’m not a huge fan of precooked food, so this was such a plus for me. I also really loved the décor. You know… aesthetics. There’s a lot of framed pictures everywhere and you know I’m a fan.

The falafel salad-bowl and sandwich were divine. I tried the bowl and added a whole mess of toppings that they have available to your liking. Another plus. They allow you to pick them out yourself and even come for a second round. As far as sauces, I tried their peanut sauce that tasted like ketchup, I was obsessed! I even dipped the fries that they make into the sauce because it’s that good. I swear!

Devang also gave us the real scoop and allowed us to watch him make our falafels from scratch. Did I learn how to make them? Nope, I did not… I wish! I am going to give it a try on my own time and test my cooking skills. Though I may or may not burn a thing or too, but hey…

Initially, I thought changing my diet was going affect the way I travel and that I was going to have a hard time going to restaurants, but if anything, it has made it far more interesting. It’s impressive to see the number of places that have added a vegan-friendly menu for their customers. Have any of you experienced this? Are any of you altering your eating habits? Please do share. I’d like to try some of your favorite places to eat as well.