I live for an all girls road trip. When my girlfriends get this text from me, “are any of you busy x and y dates?” they know it’s going down. I don’t know about your girl pals, but mine love to travel. It’s actually one of our favorite things to do besides going out dancing.

If you are ready to plan your next road trip, then keep on reading, because this sweet little guide is for you and your besties.

Have you ever hiked all of the Grand Canyon? No? Well neither did we, until recently. I had ventured out on my own before this trip during my last trip to Vegas, but I was very limited to enjoying the scope of all the canyons, because this little road trip is definitely an adventure you want to do with your girls. I always thought of the Grand Canyon as the only thing there was to see in Arizona, and I was mistakenly wrong. There’s a whole road trip of adventures.

The first thing we did was land in Las Vegas, Nevada to enjoy a day worth of sightseeing. We initially wanted to stay and hang out, but luckily, we got ourselves permits to Havasupai. There’s a post about it, which you can find in Hiking Havasupai Falls for the First Time. In Vegas, we did the things you do in Las Vegas: Walk the strip, see the water show at the Bellagio, hang out at Senor Frogs, and tons of walking! If you only want to stay in Vegas, you can do the alternative of this trip here.

This road trip requires a pair of comfy hiking boots. Trust me, you’re going to need them. Your first stop is going to be Havasupai Falls. Though you will drive about an hour to Kingman, Arizona to stay the night for an early drive to the Hilltop – while you mentally and physically prepare for what’s to come. Hiking Havasupai Falls is a trip on its own, therefore, I’ve prepared an entire post just about it and a guide.



You can’t say you were in Arizona without visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s personally not one of my favorite spots, but it’s the most touristy one of all. I’m a firm believer that the canyons are better experienced with a good hike.


Horseshoe bend is as beautiful as it is on Instagram pictures. I promise. The view is best during sunset when the rocks transform into this beautiful orange-red and hues of yellow.

Between Antelope’s, the lower canyons are the best. You’re not allowed to explore them without a tour guide, and though I am not a fan of paid-tours, this one is not so bad. It’s the most Instagram worthy shot you’ll ever take – that I know! (I would recommend, Dixie, for the lower antelope tours)

Back on the road, you’ll pass the monumental valley. This will extend your trip for a couple of hours, but it’s so worth it!


Perhaps one of my favorites stops is Zion National Park. As a now obsessed hiker and current photographer, there is no better place to do both at the same time. The views are phenomenal and the hike is incredible. I think one of the most charming things about Zion is the location. Before you approach the park, you’ll drive through Springdale where you will find the cutest-hipster cafes, souvenir shops, little restaurants like Oscar’s dinner where I had my last hurrah! Inside the town, there are plenty of local hotels that are accommodating. I stayed at the Pioneer Lodge with my girlfriends and we loved it! It had a very much cabin feel to it.

Two of the best hikes in Zion are Angel’s Landing and The Narrows. They are both strenuous, but if you’re into hiking and love a good workout, they are for you.


If you’ve ever been to any of these places or others not mentioned above, please let me know your favorites to photograph. I’d love to hear your input!

Thanks for reading, x