I have a fascination with meeting strangers, and I feel strong about this because traveling has made it easier for me when starting a conversation with peeps if the vibes feel right. This weekend I had in Miami had all the right vibes. A few weekends ago, I had the honor of working with Wishbone and Clover Agency. I was invited by the agency to spend a well-deserved weekend getaway at Freehand with a few blogger friends from Miami: Dani, Karol, Arantxa, Marissa, Yensy, Vanessa, Ailyn, Claudia, and Monica.

I had previously stayed at Freehand Miami during an event last year, so I already knew how much fun it is to stay there and staycation. Freehand has adapted the European style of Hostels and I know when you think of hostels, you instantly think of sharing rooms with people you don’t know, but that not always is the case. If you’re traveling in groups, you can share the room with your buddies just like you would if you were staying at a hotel. Although limited, Freehand does have availability for private rooms. I’ve had the pleasure of doing both. I’ve booked a private room and stayed with my now blogger besties in a quad style room.

Okay, but let’s talk about the room for a few. It’s like a house! I had a full kitchen with a breakfast table, a full living room with a vintage feel, and a spacious room with 2 bunk beds for us gals to share. I mean, seriously, it even brought 1 and ½ of a bathroom. Last time I stayed, the private room was very much like staying at a hotel, but I didn’t even have as much fun as I did now.

I’ve also realized that a lot of you have the misconception that traveling is expensive and therefore not possible when your budget doesn’t permit you to do so. My favorite thing about freehand is the affordability for locals and tourist alike that don’t want to break bank, but want to stay in Miami Beach to enjoy the whole, “you vacation where I live” mentality we Miami peeps have.

We love our city for a few reasons: we love a good brunch, we love a happy hour with cocktail specials, and we love a good night life. I am pleased to say that Freehand as everything in one!

Behind the hotel, they have a huge-amazing-garden-like-patio. I’m talking about giant palm trees that surround their pool area and lounge chairs, the garden of crops that grow behind the hotel to the side of the pool, the beautifully-vintage vibes in the patio with colorful chairs and tables that decorate this 70’s ambiance is truly like no other. In the patio, you will find the Broken Shaker, which has one of the best Moscow mule’s I’ve ever had at a bar. I mean, their drinks are too cool. To the side, you’ll find the 27 Restaurant that can please the biggest carnivour to the most animal friendly individual. I’ve had brunch at the 27 before and I was pleased with the service. I wasn’t able to try it this time around, because it was going through some minor changes.


Talking about drinks, can I talk to you about Nautlis Hotel? A big shutout to the hospitality at this gorgeous garden of hotel! I mean wow! Located in the South Beach, Nautilis is only a few steps from the beach. This was my first time exploring the hotel and their beachy vibes cabanas and lounge chairs. I want to say that we took over their cabana areas and made the ultimate best of our time. I am a huge fan of avocado toasts as you all know, and shutout to them for not disappointing on that and their uber-delicious frosé. We made their garden area our backdrop for photos as you can see. We weren’t shy about taking over one bit. I mean, this is expected when you put a group of travel bloggers together in one room…ehh.. garden.. ha!


On a separate occasion, we also brunched at Sweet Liberty. This too was a first for me. Although I am huge fan of hipster type of restaurants, I didn’t quite love it here. I mean, maybe because I’m a little loyal to the Diner in Wynwood, but I did like the aesthetics of the restaurant. They had tons and tons of neon and tropical vibes going. I would suggest this restaurant if you are up for a hipster brunch outside of the Wynwood area and more towards South Beach. I definitely see this being high on the tourist list because of the location. I liked the cocktail menu and my waiter was very sweet… which goes with the branding of the restaurant.

Some of the highlights of this staycation was taking Rebecca from Wishbone and Clover Agency to Wynwood. She’s never seen anything like it in Toronto, Canada and I’m pleased to say she fell in love with Miami. So much she’s coming back!!! So I’m thinking I did a phenomenal job at showing her the true art of Miami, wouldn’t you agree?

I love me a staycation and I do them often. What about you guys? any staycationers here?

photos by Annabel edits by me | photos by Monica