A few months ago, I did a poll on my Instagram about whether I should talk about my work life or my single life. 68% of you wanted to know the behind the scenes of my curated travel and lifestyle photos. Basically, you want all the chisme (TEA in Spanish) about the single life. The truth is, it’s not all that exciting haha, but I have learned a lot being a single girl in my twenties. I’m all about sharing and passing down knowledge so hopefully, this applies to you as well.


  1. Let’s be real, self-love is definitely easier said than done. No one wakes up already with so much “self-love.” I try to focus on things that will make me happy that day. For example, I’m writing this blog in the morning and it’s something I wanted to do since waking up. Fulfilling ourselves with things that make us happy, to me, is the first step in reaching “self-love.”
  2. Being a single friend gets harder over time because yes, your friends will be getting engaged, married, and have babies so distance will naturally occur. What’s worked for me is traveling. Whenever I feel like an odd-ball I enjoy a little getaway on my own, I call it ME TIME. 
  3. You will think about your past relationships at times, and at first I did not like it, but now I understand that maybe the right person was the right person for a while but not the person for a lifetime. Don’t cling to the past. Learn all you have to learn and move on.
  4. You have all the control over everything around you. There’s no need for compromising or agreements in this relationship you have with yourself. What you do have is time to understand everything that you do and why you do the things you do. Focus on being more understanding and self-aware. 
  5. There are tons about you that you can learn. For example, building confidence. There’s no secret recipe to building confidence, but what’s worked for me is believing I can do something, actually doing it, and rewarding myself for it. I’ve noticed a little confidence can get your foot in the door to your dreams and goals.
  6. Dating is cool but dating can also be boring and either one of them is OKAY. There’s always going to be pressure to ‘get a boyfriend’,‘have a baby’ and the truth is you are on your own time. Guess what? There is no alarm clock. Everything will come to you as it comes naturally.  
  7. You have all the time in the world to build a list of possible accomplishments and do them. This has been my favorite part about being single. All my focus has been on my career. At times I forget how single I actually am because I’m so busy working towards my goals that I feel the most committed I’ve ever been.
  8. Independence! Is there really more to say about this? You can’t let independence slip along the way.
  9. DID I MENTION TRAVEL? Probably but oh my god all the traveling you can do is amazing! I’m not saying you can’t travel if you’re in a relationship (I’ve done it!), but what I mean is the kind of travel you do on your own and you learn things about you. I would highly recommend to all my singles out there to do this. I’ve learned a lot about myself doing this.
  10. Lastly and most importantly, going back to your exes could possibly be the worst thing you can do. Though momentarily it’s going to be the nicest thing you feel because you’ll have moments of loneliness (totally normal) but if it ain’t love don’t do something based on the kind of comfortability someone can offer you. You deserve more. You don’t settle.

If you’ve got any more life lessons on being single in your twenties, don’t forget to share them below! 🙂

Thanks for reading besos xx

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