So here’s the plan, I want to convince you to book a flight to San Francisco after reading this post. I know summer is not that far along and you’re looking for places to travel to and maybbbeeee San Francisco is not on your list, but let’s change that around. It’s definitely my favorite city to visit in the US (yep even more than NY). There’s just a lot that makes this city so special to me, but for the most part, is everything that you get to see and explore when you visit. I’ve never gone this time of year (February) but I couldn’t think of any other place to enjoy a girls trip/getaway for valentine’s day.

San Francisco can be traveled to alone, but if you want to have a little more fun definitely travel with a friend of yours or a group. I’ve done all 3 and there’s nothing like traveling with a fun group of pals to enjoy a city for the first time. I mean, YES I loved it on my own, but who’s going to take that photo of you riding the trolly for the first time if not your partner-in-crime? Ha! 

To enjoy San Francisco as a whole, you need at least 5 days, but if you’re a short trip kind of person like me, well you won’t see all of San Francisco but you can do all these things in the max of 3 days. Be prepared to not stop moving from one place to the next, because it’s none stop all day, but remember you only have a short period of time, so let’s get to it.


I’ve got a few places to recommend if you’re staying in an Airbnb OR Hotel. I’ve done both in this city and honestly? It doesn’t matter here. You’re not going to be at the hotel or the Airbnb, so book the cheapest (depending on the time of year, the prices for either can change)

  • Metrol Hotel – lovvveeeed staying here so much (back in 2015) and it was super enjoyable. It’s fairly close to The Painted Ladies so I suggest it!
  • This Airbnb – superrrr charming! Definitely recommend for a family of (3)
  • Cova Hotel – I’ve had friends stay here and they’ve loved it. 

Another thing I’d to recommend is using HOTEL TONIGHT. I’ve mentioned them before and they work great for last minute deals. You can use my code JOCASTILLO94


Transportation is very tricky in San Francisco and nope I’m not talking about the hills that go up and down. I’m saying overall its soooo tricky! This time around I drove a Chevy Equinox and I loved it! Last time I went to San Francisco I drove a compact vehicle and it simply wasn’t the same. On my last trip, we were 5 in a compact vehicle, this time around it was only 2 in a larger and more comfortable Chevy Equinox. What I loved most about the vehicle was how spacious it was and that it had built-in assistance for when I had to drive up those SCARY hills of San Francisco. The back rear camera literally saved my life! It’s so hard having to drive and parallel park the cars, I truly don’t know how I could do this on an everyday basis, but I was so happy to have a vehicle that provided modern amenities as they were useful.

The amount space in the vehicle was definitely a plus for me simply because I like carrying all my camera equipment with me everywhere I go and It didn’t seem to move around when I made any turns or go up the hills. I also (and especially) loved the built-in wifi. It wasn’t the best, but it did help in areas where I had no service like the mountains. Most importantly, the gas is not a killer. It saved gas even though I drove it EVERYWHERE! Up and down San Francisco the car used minimum oil to put up with my adventurous spirit. If you’re traveling and are considering uber, think twice! I feel like a place like San Francisco where there is so much to do an uber will be more expensive for you than renting a vehicle like Chevy Equinox.

*spoilerrrrrr: the parking situation in San Francisco is sooo bad! Be mindful of where you park so you don’t get a ticket, but regardless, I would pick renting a vehicle over unerring.*


1. Painted ladies 

The painted ladies are super famous for having been part of the infamous show Full House, but besides the cuteness of the little house all covered in pastel colors, they have a great view to the city. I would make this my first stop just to get a quick photo. If you’re traveling with your pup this is a great park for them.

2. Pier 39

This Pier has so much to do. You can go in for lunch and still have tons to see. You can watch the seals from fisherman’s wharf or get ice cream at Ghirardelli.

3. Lombard St

Lombard St is known to be the crookiest st in America, so definitely check this out with caution as it is still a crossing st for vehicles and people live in this neighborhood. You’ll see how packed it is with tourist, so try going early to snap your photo.

4. Land’s End

I wouldn’t consider this a “hike” but it’s definitely a place to enjoy a nice sunset and there’s also tons of rocks crashing against the water. One of the rocks even has a little heart shaped hole that peeks sun right through it. Okay, the place is super romantic… that’s all! There’s a restaurant called Cliff if you’re interested (I’ve never had any of it).

5. Marshall beach 

This little beach is so popular and it’s a great place to take photos of the bridge. Also very cool to watch the sunset here or take a walk.

6. Golden Gate Bridge

This is a must! There’s tons of different places where you can see the bridge like the Golden Gate Vista Point in Sausalito or you can always park your vehicle at the Golden Gate Bridge center and walk the whole bridge. I’ve done this and it was so cool!

7. Bernal Heights 

This park is in a neighborhood so parking may be a little chaotic! I found parking because I went super early (9ish am). This park is perfect for a picnic and hangs with friends while overseeing the Bay. TOTAL GEM! 

8. Eat at Sweet Maple + Mr. Holmes Bake House + Mama’s

I received so many food recommendations over on my Instagram. These 3 are definitely my top places when you travel to San Francisco. Sweet Maple had the best egg-benedicts, Mr. Holmes Bake House is super popular and trendy, but the pastries are to die for!, and lastly Mama’s overall is one of the most visited brunch spots, so be sure to make the line early!

9. Point House Lighthouse + Muir Woods 

They’re both like 30 minutes from each other, but only because they are separated by mountains. You must visit Sausalito (crossing the bridge) and get to know this area of San Francisco. For Muir Woods you need to make parking reservations before going (because parking is limited) and for Point House Lighthouse can sometimes be closed, but it’s still a nice view of The Bay.

10. China town + Powell St

If you’re staying in Downtown you are sure to run into this area. Powell St is super famous for all trollies that cross it every single day. You can jump into one at any time for around $7 one way. Totally suggest you do this 🙂 Chinatown is also only a few blocks from here and you can definitely walk to it (though it’s going to be tiring going up and down these streets… maybe uber?)

I hope you’re excited about your trip to San Francisco with these 10 recommendations. I always have a good time in the Bay, I’ve tagged all my photos at #josstakessanfran in case you need a little inspo during your trip.

Let me know if you like these kinds of blogs or if you have any other recommendations you’d like to give as well…

xx besos 

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