This experience has been nothing but magical. From the minute I landed in Bali, to right here this moment outside of the little village in Ubud where I am staying. There is so much about this world that we still don’t know and every time I travel to new places like Bali, I am reminded of it. While I’ve been here, my computer stopped working.. haha… my chargers don’t work as great, so either by force of nature or simply my inner self trying to disconnect from the outside world, I have been so present living every single moment here. 

I believe that every time we travel we learn something new about ourselves. We are reminded about what we’re capable of and why we’re here in this life time. I learned a few things here that I will take with me and apply them to my life back home. 



Now I know you’ve must of heard of this concept if you’re a yoggi. Your yoga instructor must tell you to take care of your Prana the very beginning of every class. Well, I was not very familiar with the term. I took a meditation and Prana awareness class my first day in Canggu at The Practice. My yoggi master started the class talking about “PRANA” and what it meant if we didn’t take care of it. So of course, if you’re reading this you’re as confused as I was… what is Prana? So Prana is (for us that did not know) its the the energy that exudes outside of our bodies. The energy spent on simple things, like being on your phone for too long or over thinking is Prana that is being wasted. This yoga practice reminded me about where I am placing my own energy. Is it on things that will benefit me? Is it on things that are simply out of my control? So I’m going to make an effort to pay close attention as to where my Prana is going. 



traveling to new cities you’ve never been to can be alarming right? You don’t know anyone and everything is practically new besides the little research you may have done before landing. Let me tell you a story about “staying calm.” Before renting the scooter to get around Bali, my friend and I (both girls), were taking taxis. We took the first one with this kind Balinese man who was nice and polite. At first, I felt like he may have overcharged us, but it was like 100k rupier, which isn’t a lot so I just ignored it. Our second taxi on our way to our villa was polite at first, then he asked a few questions I usually NEVER like to answer. For example: where are you guys from? Where are you staying? At first we didn’t say much, he asked again, and we mentioned America. When we were approaching our villa, we noticed that he pinned our location to another spot to check distance. Not sure why he did this, but I remained calm.

Instead of panicking and thinking of the worst,

I remained calm. Instead, I asked him to drop us off 2 minutes before our villa to secure that he wouldn’t live us. When we were getting off the car, he asked for $200 dollars. That’s when I felt a little bit of panic come in, but instead I kept my breathing normal. So I said NO. I pulled the same amount I had paid the previous taxi and he kept pushing that we needed to pay him $200 dollars. Fear that he could do anything to us, I took out a couple of more rupiers and gave them to him. We got out of the car quickly. Still maintaining my calm and no panicking we walked closely to our villa but made sure his taxi was no where to be found. I know panic would have not resolved anything, so staying calm was really the best solution. This can happen often times happen when you travel outside of America, but one of the best solutions is to remain calm.


Before you start thinking that I don’t often say THANK YOU, I do, but I learned a new way to say it in Bali. Which I think it sounds a lot better than a simple thanks. Balinese often say thank you for a lot of things, including the little ones. They always reciprocate it with a you’re welcome. So lets all say this more often… suksma. 

I highly recommend this trip to Bali to all of you. It was a surreal experience I will always cherish!! 

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