30 days in Toledo, Spain

I actually don’t know how to share this story with you. Do I tell you that I booked my flight one night at random? Because yes I did do just that. Did I plan to go alone? Very true. Did I plan anything at all? I did not, in fact I packed hours before heading to the airport. The truth is, I wanted to spend time with myself and get to know myself in another level. I wasn’t looking for adventure. I could have done that by traveling without leaving the states. I was on a mission for self discovery. I know this may sound silly, but when do we really just venture out on our own? We don’t. So I took this trip for this reason. And at the end, I gained more than I could have asked for. I will share everything I learned throughout this trip, right here, right now. 

I always thought connecting flights were a waste of time. Until I had to make this connecting flight in Domican Republic before heading to Madrid. After landing, I went to a bar to get some wifi and I met some interesting characters to say the least. I remember this one lady in particular, she was heading to South Africa where her family lived. She was heading back home after traveling by herself for six months. #rolemodelgoals

I’ve dreamed of watching the sunrise on a plane and this dream came true.

My first official train ride. I heard stories about the European train system, and here I was about to board mine.

I did keep all my tickets for memoirs. I never do this and I know a lot of people safe their travel tickets, but I never understood why until this day.

Arriving at Toledo and seeing the beauty that is European architecture.

I went back in time walking these streets to the times where Shakespeare wrote about Romeo and Juliet.

Appreciating the view to my room. I now take pictures of all the views in every hotel I stay at.

I actually got lost at night walking back home, but I’ve never been happier being lost.

I fell in love with Zara right here. Also learned never to pack heavy in a European trip. I left all my clothes there and brought new ones back home.

Ever heard of Don Quijote De La Mancha? Well his story originated in this town.

First sunset in Toledo. I was sipping on a drink after an exhausting 30 hour flight, train, bus ride to get here.

Oh how I ate Spanish cuisine. Along with this bread came 15 pounds, bigger hips, a bigger behind, and fat in both my arms and stomach. Did not even care about my weight, because I was having too much fun to care about my exteriors. I was happy inside and that’s all that mattered.

Learned how to appreciate noisy neighbors.

Learned a few tricks about photography and the importance of capturing moments.

I even learned how to appreciate strangers. I hanged out with them in bars and shared stories.

I hated taking celfies because none of them would come out right.

My favorite picture of the streets of Toledo.

I had to accept that people are not photographers and when you ask them to take a picture of you, it will be photo bombed no matter what.

I didn’t know it then, but I have a severe condition for traveling. I knew how much I loved it, but I didn’t know how much it means to me for real. Here I was getting interviewed about solo traveling.

Sometimes I would gather my belongings and head out to the street. Walking alone, eating alone, and loving it.

This was my favorite location to spend time on. Seating here for hours reading a book or eating until nothing could fit my stomach.

Other times I would go out, take my camera, and start shooting. These are a few of my favorites.

Or take pictures of myself with my tripod, go pro celfie, or self-time iPhone camera. Whatever got the job done at that time. 

Decided I wanted to take blogging serious. On my last days, I would just walk and walk until I memorized every single street…

Eat a lot of ice cream. My favorite is pistachio gelato.

Explore the country side…

Enjoy the last Spanish flavors all while gaining a few extra happy pounds… I even learned how to cook a Spanish tortilla.

I was truly blessed to have been able to capture and live all these beautiful moments. What I hope you take from this is that you shouldn’t be afraid to spend sometime alone. Don’t be afraid. Listen, if I did it, anyone else can.
Comment below if you have any questions or need tips to get a trip like this going!!

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