This blogging once a month is really not working for none of us, I know. I’ve barely been home to sit down and think for a second. I just got back from Las Vegas and I’m in between packing bags and writing this blog post. Forgive my inconsistency, but I can’t stop. All this traveling has a really good reason, and once I’m settled I’ll share.

This last month was so sweet in adventures, I got to reunite with my high school bestfriend and we decided to take a road-trip up to Ft. Myers, FL. Right at the beginning of the trip, she made me stop in the middle of the road because she swears I’m the worse driver ever. Not that I didn’t mind at all, I was more than happy to extend the wheel.

Adventures with her are possibly some of the best. We drove all through the night without booking any hotel room until we were about an hour or so. We booked at the The Quinta Inn (I know hotel room, yuck! I’m more of an Airbnb person), but on such short notice, hotels are the only way to go. She makes me do all sorts of crazy, by first stopping to eat at a Waffle House when I’m clearly always staying away from fast food! We drove to not one but two different Quinta’s until they told us we were staying at apparently the luxurious one. So we continued on the road until we arrived at Sanibel Island.

It must have been around 1 AM when we arrived, I forced her, yeah forced her to workout with me at the hotel’s downstairs gym, because I couldn’t fall asleep knowing I ate waffles. Call me crazy, but do you know how much sugar it had? A LOT. We did about a 30-minute circuit of cardio between Stairmaster and running on the treadmill.

Dead tired we finally knocked out until the next day. I told her the hotel indicated FREE breakfast, so I put an alarm early as possible to get at least oatmeal. I think at this point she wanted to shoot me dead. LOL! She’s not quite the morning person and neither am I, but hello breakfast?

We packed our belongings and headed to the seaside of Sanibel Island, where I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time. This island doesn’t offer much sand. Instead, it’s covered in seashells. I died. I actually collect any weird-strange ones.

Spending our afternoon exploring the pier of Ft. Myers and enjoying calamari was too much. I made her pose for me like once, or twice, or maybe a lot more than that.

I like one-day trips, so-so much. You try to compile everything into one day that time seems endless.

PS. I wasn’t allowed to drive the entire trip. HAHA.

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