5 days in Denver, CO

Denver was planned right after I took this trip to California. If you have been tagging along for a while with me, you know my friends and I travel together like a pack. We knew we wanted to visit the cold and get to do some hiking in the mountains after spending a hot and humid December in Miami. Leaving to Denver in February this year was perfect.  I was so excited to see the snow for the very first time as well. I knew this trip was going to be filled with first times, which made this first trip of the year a lot more memorable. I do have a travel guide available for this trip in ourtravelersguide, if anyone is planning on visiting Denver in 2016.

I always advice of the picture overload. Proceed with caution.

We left Miami at 10:00 PM Eastern time.. I was finally able to sleep at 7:00 AM Central Time. Did not sleep an ounce Miami time. Going up the hill to the house was one of the scariest moments I’ve had while traveling. The car was sliding downhill and we had to get out of the car and push it up during -0 degree weather. Waking up to this godly view reminded me how lucky I was to have survived the craziest night.

First time seeing snow through a window.

I always over pack. First time packing by outfit.

Wearing Timberland’s for the first time. I didn’t want to take them off after that. In fact, I’ve taken them to every trip after that. If you’re into them like I am, you can find them here.

Making a snowman for the first time was pretty fun, specially when the snow is fresh. 

Staying in a cabin for the first time was amazing. I actually found this one through VRBO. You can find this cabin in particular here. The owner was extremely welcoming and I was surprised to find out he is a Miami native.

First time seeing a tree house in person. 

This was not Eddy’s first time driving in the snow, but it was mine, and it was scary.

First time trespassing 

Don’t be fooled, this road was not empty. I ran outside to take a picture, right before the load of cars appeared. First time risking my life for a picture.

It was in my guide to hike to the top of St.Mary’s Glacier. All of my friends were a trail behind due to the extreme weather conditions. One of my proudest moments this year was reaching to the top by myself. Minutes later two of my buddies made it to the top.
Afterwards, all I did was slide back down.

First celfie of the trip.

I am terrified of heights. Yeah I know what you’re thinking. I’m always flying. This was the first time I rode one of these things without worrying about the height situation.

First time in Mt. Evans.

First time seeing a city covered in snow.

First time in ski gear, last time using these goggles.

I found these on eBay for only $8.

No new friends

First time visiting a concert hall that’s outside covered in rocks. This one is called Red Rock Amphitheater.

I’ve heard of black ice before, but never seen it in person until this day.

shoe twinning

First time I got on top of a bar and danced with the bartender. Cayote Ugly was even better in person.
First airport celfie of 2015, and most definitely not my last.

This trip was the kick and motivation for what would be the best traveling year of my life.

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