5 things I’m giving up for a happier tomorrow.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” – John Lennon.


A few months ago, I would have told you that I didn’t give up on anything – which is true, I still struggle with this. Even if the struggle is real, I fight and fight and fight again! Because while I was growing up, I was told, we were told, that if you want something you have to fight for it, because if it makes you happy then it must be worth it. Familiar with this nonsense? We have gone as far as sacrificing ourselves, sometimes for the impossible, to achieve happiness on a different scale. While in the meantime, we neglect ourselves in the process not realizing we alone can fulfill any kind of joy.
Of course, this theory can be put to the test with a plethora of scenarios, but what I’ve come to realize that sometimes we have to stop fighting and give up on certain things. I’m personally giving up on a few things for not only a better life, but a healthier one. Peace of mind is far more important than a stressed one.



1. Approval
Am I alone when seeking approval? It’s like we spent such a long time waiting on it to fall from the sky, thinking we need somebody’s approval to be authentic – to be ourselves. Living in a world where the root of approval is at the touch of our finger tips, we tend to forget how absurd it actually is. There’s not enough likes in this world that will guarantee any kind of approval if it doesn’t come from within. Acceptance of who you are comes above what anyone may think of you. It’s so simple, just do you any day and every day.
2. The Past
Ever heard of the saying, ‘Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?’ and yet, here we are contemplating about how you wish you could go back in time and relive some moments again. Like no. Things of the past are meant to stay there and not be brought to the future like we’re out here carrying around baggage and extra weight for no reason. You have to realize the beauty that is the present and even more the future. To be able to create anything you want out of your day and of tomorrow should give you enough push to leave the yesterday behind.
3. Excuses
I used to hate it when my mom would tell me, “don’t leave anything you can do today for tomorrow,” like why not, what is the rush? And the older I get the more I realize I was only making excuses. No more excuses for none of us. Why do we have to give our dreams excuses? Or postpone them for tomorrow? Is it really guaranteed or do you not care for it enough that you’re willing to keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” every day, until tomorrow never comes and nothing gets done. The laziness and lack of motivation ends today, let’s get busy!
4. People
This one is a tough one for most of us. I know. I’ve had a very hard time giving up on people. For quite a while it was an internal battle with letting them go and accepting individuals for who they are. There’s this quote from Anne Frank that stuck with me for such a long time, and it goes like this, “in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” I always believed that if Anne, who witnessed the worse of human kind could still believe in people, why couldn’t we? And although her ideals still hold validity, I don’t think having negative people surrounding your day to day does any good to one’s soul. We have to take care of ourselves before anyone else. What good does it do to you, if you don’t have positivity around? If you walk into a room and the aurora is already negative, do you really want to be there? It’s time to exit out of these rooms and walk into other doors filled with individuals that will support you. It’s time to nicely say, good bye Felicia!
5. Eating Meat
I’m not going to be one of those people to persuade or convince you to stop eating animals. Instead, I’m going to tell you how it’s been the best decision I’ve made this year. Or maybe ever. Starting with my skin… it’s the softest skin I’ve ever had since before I knew what pimples were. My spirit lately is at an all-time high. My appetite finds flavor in things I swear I didn’t think much of before. Like did you know tomatoes are sweet? and avocados go well with everything? I’m speeding through my 3rd month going Vegan. It hasn’t been easy. It’s been challenging and sometimes I have to get creative with my diet, but overall, I wouldn’t take it back. It’s been incredible to see how mindful I am of everything and anything that I do going forward. I think in part I have to thank my little sawyer, who in a fragment of time has taught me how to love, nurture, and care for animals.


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  1. In response to #5.

    Lately I've had the urge to stop eating meat, but how can I when I've been a carnivore my whole life. For over two year now I've been very careful with the products I buy at stores and only buying organic meats and vegetables from local farmers. What advice can you give to someone who is looking to make the change and stop eating animals?

    1. To be honest with you, I have been cutting meat for almost 3 years now. I started cutting a meat per year. At one point I was only eating raw food, which included fish. I ended up at the hospital because it got really bad. So, just take it easy. This is not a quick transition, my first week without all meats gone was rough. So try doing one by one and and listen to your body!!! It's going to tell you the limits it has. Hope this works 🙂

  2. Very well written and simple. Loved this post. Especially letting go of approvals & people. I think those really are the most difficult for most people in our day and age.