A few months ago, I was hanging out with a few friends I went to high school with. My friend was down in Miami for the holidays from Tennessee and it was so surreal to us that 7-8 years has since passed us. Like this was it, we’re fairly close to our high school reunion. Being around them, brought so many memories back. Like so many. We even talked about what we would tell high school us knowing everything we know about life so far. And boy, do I got a few things to say to little miss Jocelyn.


What is it with us girls getting into lifelong relationships? High school is meant to open the avenue for the beginning of self-discovery. Focusing on the boy that doesn’t pay you two cents is only roadblocking the way to all the things YOU can offer yourself. Avoid the roadblocks, don’t pay attention to boys that don’t pay attention to you, and learn the value of self-love. Most boys between the ages of 15-18 don’t exactly know what a long term relationship actually is or what it truly means. I am still wondering if they know the meaning of it at age 25? And I say some, because I’ve got a few girlfriends of mine that have been fortunate to find true love with a fabulous companion since they were in high school. Still, don’t live on the possibility. Possibilities may turn out to be disappointments and who has time for that between college papers and figuring out if college is for you? uh, no one.


If staying up all night designing the pages of the yearbook for school is how you’ll remember your high school weekends, then so be it. If doing your best friends makeup is the thing you look forward to the most during the weekends and skipping the football game is the question, skip it! Also, If building your school’s website is the project you look forward to all year and completely ignore your friends because of it…Oh well! Guess what? These hobbies will more than likely turn into a full blown career. With a ton of practice and perseverance, you’ll make a living out of the things you once called a hobby. Then you’ll never work a day in your life doing what you love.


Since high school we are taught to think that only if we go to college and graduate we can possibly one day own our own business. This is 100% false. You can start your business right out of your room. Grab that camera you’ve saved up for and start taking pictures of all your friends. Have them upload them into their social medias and tag you, built your portfolio, and grow that clientele! There’s no reason why you can’t be their senior picture photographer, you’ll be saving them a lot of money and in return making some yourself for that graduation present you’ve been wanting.


Growing up you’ll grow with the idea that some friends are meant to stay in your life forever simply because you’ve known them since you first started school. NEGATIVE. If someone isn’t brining positive energy into your life and is constantly putting your dreams down, CUT THEM OUT! There are so many ways to let someone know you no longer want their aurora around yours. A simple read message and no reply without explanations or discussions. Let go. You’ll meet so many individuals in your life that the old (ones) would become a story of the past.


All your professors will talk about their time away from home when they were in college, but NOT ONE will ever share with you how much debt they’re on. It’s not fun to graduate college and be in so much debt without a job. You know what’s fun? Getting your grades together and going to a college that will help you with at least 90% of your tuition, applying to the job of your dreams, landing it, and enjoying the perks of all your hard work without owning a dime to anyone. If getting away is the problem, save up all the money you possibly can, and travel. You will have far more memorable experiences traveling throughout your college years than living in a city away from home knowing you can’t do much because you can’t afford to do much.

I’ve been a victim of my own mistakes, but I guess they’ve molded me into the person that I am today. Though I wish I could have done some things better, I wouldn’t change a thing. Is there anything you wish you could tell high school you? Please share!

Disclaimer: I wrote half this article in January and couldn’t continue writing it due to all of the high school shootings (specifically the Stoneman Douglas shooting). While writing this blog post, I realized I would have hated to look back and recall guns as part of my upbringing in school. Specially to have lost a fellow classmate to one. I refuse to allow this to happen again, my vote will always be to the #neveragain movement. To read and donate to this cause, follow the link here.

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