7 hours in Madrid, Spain

During my time in Spain, I would use the weekends to escape to Paris and Rome. Madrid was really the connecting point for me. I didn’t stay over night any of the days, but I learned so much of it by using their transit system. I knew I couldn’t just leave and not enjoy Madrid. So I decided to take one day of the week and spend a whole day exploring the city. I had no guide and no idea of what’s really popular besides El Sol. So for the very first time, I trusted a tourist bus to guide me and show me around. I usually oppose things that are made for tourist, but I have to accept that this time I enjoyed it so much. I had limited time and still I saw all of Madrid in 3 hours. Here are some of my favorite moments.

Before heading to Madrid, they were performing puppet shows at the bus stop.

Once on the tourist bus, I went to the rooftop and sat in the front seat. I obviously had the best seat in the house.

We passed the Gran Via, El Sol, the Kings Palace to name a few…

Unlike Toledo, Madrid had more spacious streets.

People watching. I actually love doing this. As a photographer I love capturing moments that turn to stories.

My eyes get this light only when I’m this happy. Not a joke. True story.

To be quite honest with you, I didn’t see much of Madrid only because I did quite the shopping spree.

More walking…

More shopping…

I took these two shots when I was heading to the train station in a taxi. Madrid looked even more beautiful at night. I hope to one day go back and continue to make Madrid the connecting city to all my adventures in Europe.

Hasta pronto Madrid!

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