Have you ever been to New York? Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City used to say ‘in New York, you’re always looking for a job, an apartment, or a boyfriend,” but what if you’re only going to NY to be a temporary New Yorker… say 72 hours as carrie Bradshaw herself?

I’ve got news — it’s possible, but so limited to all things the city has to offer. A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I took over NYC. We tried to see almost every corner of it and then I realized New York used to be so easy to sightsee in just a few days. Now, it’s a struggle to get around and see everything in just 72 hours. To truly enjoy New York, you don’t need extra days… you need to keep going back because it’s changing all the time. Most of my trips to the city have always been between 3-4 days, now it’s not enough. I need minimum of 4 nights 5 days. For the sake of my 72 hours in every city I visit, I’ve decided to leave this entirely up to you. I will give you all the insight scoop to the hottest places in town, but you can pick and choose which ones you prefer to go to.

There’s a few places you’ll MUST see whilst you’re in the big apple, BUT first, let me give you a few tips (take em’ serious) :

  1. Don’t do this 72 hour trip during the winter. Specially because of the limited amount of hours the sun is actually out. 4 pm in NY during the winter is actually 10 pm.
  2. Book your hotel in advance. Airbnb’s have gone high in prices, shop either at sky scanner or booking.com for hotels. Preferably the “book now, pay later.”
  3. Pack light. You’re going to want to shop in NY, so don’t ever do it with the packing UNLESS, you’re traveling in the winter — PACK EVERYTHING TO KEEP YOU WARM.
  4. Remember you may want to bring back gifts and such, leave room in your luggage for it.
  5. Group trips are meant for everyone to stick together, but if by instance the group separates, no harm in doing your own thing… you paid money to visit NY so make your monies worth.
  6. I know Uber is the new trend, but seriously? Just Subway. It’s A LOT cheaper.

Okay, back to the guide (what will carrie do? Or Casey Neistat?…)


I’ve written a few articles about NY before, like The NY City Pass, and Just an overall NY post where I’ve shared a few places to stay. For this post, I’ll highly recommend The Redbury Hotel.

  • The Redbury Hotel: Affordable, has places to wine + dine (Vini e Fritti wine & Marta to dine), in the center of Manhattan like next to everything and anything, and the service was excellent. Yeah, I’m staying here again!


The best way to explore NY is to split Manhattan into 3 parts: Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown, so you can see everything in one specific area without having to be worrying about time and catching Ubers/Subways.

* Disclaimer: Though I’ve been to NY about a dozen of times, I’m not an actual NYoker, so yeah, where I may think Downtown is could also belong to Midtown, but to me, this is the easiest way to see everything and make your monies worth!!


  • Harlem: last I’ve heard this spot is growing in NY, and there’s tons of places and bars that have opened up.
  • Central Park, Just walk the entire park, why not?
  • Columbus Circle is left side of the park if you’re looking at the island from a map.
  • Strawberry Fields in memory of John Lennon.
  • The Dakota, but only if you love John Lennon like I do and well he was shot right outside.
  • The Met is so on the east side of the park, but it’s breath taking.
  • Central Park Zoo
  • Yankee Stadium (more like in the bronx)



  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Brooklyn bridge (DUMBO) is super famous on Instagram.
  • One World Trade Center
  • Canal St/ ChinaTown is my actual favorite to walk around. There isn’t a person that’s not trying to sell you something. Just be prepared to say No, thanks.
  • Little Italy doesn’t remind me of Italy, but the people here do.
  • Statue of Liberty is easy to access with a ferry.


*Disclaimer: Almost all of these eateries have a veggie/vegan friendly menu, so don’t feel limited.


I seriously love New York. It was the first city I ever traveled to and until this day, there’s nothing like New York. I love all the memories I have created in this magical city and I’m looking forward to my next 72 hours whenever I go again.

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