I’m still shaken that I was able to experience Coachella. Another item crossed off the bucket list that’s only in my head and nowhere else really. However, I do look back to a few weeks ago, and I realize it never hit me I was actually there. Not once. I had such a good experience though, that I’m definitely thinking of going back next year, and I know a ton of you are festival fanatics that I’d be so happy to bump into some of you there. I know when you think of Chella you’re thinking expensive, expensive, expensive. The truth is you don’t need to be a celebrity or an influencer to go; you can get there all on your own. If you follow along, you’ll see how easy it is to go and you’ll get everything you need to know about Coachella.

The first thing you want to do is get 10 of your pals. No less. Otherwise things will start getting expensive for you. So start calling all your friends and get them ready for Coachella. The last thing you want to do is buy the ticket last minute. The best time to buy your ticket is early birds that go on sale in June. The prices range, but you can finance your GA ticket up until a few months before the festival. If you’re buying your early bird ticket and they sell out, you can purchase a pricier ticket that includes the bus shuttle, but truth be told you won’t be needing it. Parking at Coachella is FREE and getting on a bus is only going to DELAY YOU. So drive to Coachella with your buddies.

PRICE: $399/7 months

Landing at LA
Am I a California girl already?


Remember this month…DECEMBER. That’s when you’ll be booking your flight. WHY? Because that’s when the lineup comes out, which works in your favor if you decide not to go at this point and resell your ticket. If you decide to go, then you’ll be booking your flight 4 months in advance aka cheap enough for a round trip. You’ll be flying in to LAX a day before just because the festival is from Friday – Sunday and that’s the closest airport to Coachella with an affordable price. So make sure to fly-in at least on Thursday and fly-out Monday. Book your flight with Skyscanner and look into JetBlue if you’re flying from Fort Lauderdale.

USUAL PRICE: $250 – $350 at most

Flew in to LA a day before just so I can enjoy some coffee at Central Perk.



I loved the Warner’s tour. I’ve been to LA plenty and this was a first. Woohoo!


My friends and I even decided to do a day worth of activities and enjoy LA





Step 3. THE STAY

THIS PART IS SO IMPORTANT. Everyone is always asking ‘where do you sleep at Coachella?’ I flew in on a Thursday morning and stayed in LA for one night. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. We drove early in the morning on Friday because we booked an Airbnb in Yucca Valley (1 HOUR AWAY FROM FESTIVAL). THE TRAFFIC MADE A 2 HOUR DRIVE A 5 HOUR DRIVE. My advice is to book an Airbnb within 45 mins away from the festival at most AND driving to your stay a day before the festival. Hotels are extremely expensive anywhere near the festival. So book your hotel in JANUARY. That’s one month apart from booking your flight so save up to book your stay at the end of January. With a minimum of 10 peeps, you will barely pay anything because it’s a lot of you. So remember, January… 45 mins within festival limits… and book a day before festival aka Thursday. OR you can camp out/sleep in your car for a similar cost. All that info is located here. Also look into Airbnb.
PRICE FOR AIRBNB: $700-$800 70/80 PP
Step 4. THE CAR
Guess what? You’re also going to book your car the same day that you book your stay. DON’T WORRY, you can book now – pay later by using priceline. (HIGH KEY, THIS IS A TIP). Once you have the vehicle selected with a minimum of 10 of you, I highly suggest selecting two vehicles instead of one. Since you are dropping off the car at the same location and one of you is at least 25 (or you may be penalized with underage fees aka just add $100 to the total cost of renting the vehicle) each of you should pay very little for this rental. Your best bet is Priceline.

PRICE: least $50 per/person highest $70 PP

My set is from Fashion Nova + my espadrilles are from Asos




This dress is from Forever21 + booties are Asos
The top… my closet and I don’t recall exactly where, but my shorts are Urban + Vans



Ladies, you know we like to go big or stay home. I bought all my outfits in advance and I used tons of Pinterest to come up with affordable outfits that I could rewear once Coachella was done. I used Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Asos, and Urban to come out with outfits for all 3 days. Don’t dress to compete with anyone, because you wont be a winner. Everyone looks fabulous and I think that’s what I loved most; the creativity that went behind the style of every individual at Coachella.
Fellas, I mean you guys know. COMFORTABLE IS THE WAY TO GO. You never disappoint me. EVER.
While you’re at Coachella, be prepared to spend money on FOOD & DRINKS, because inside I can’t help you. IT IS EXPENSIVE, but if your budget is a couple hundreds during the whole trip, you’ll be fine. At least the water is $2 every stand you go to. The beer selection is AMAZING. The food… well let’s just say I gained a few pounds just eating EVERYTHING.

PS. THE HEAT IS REAL. MAJOR KEY. I ran and bought me an XXXL T-SHIRT to be able to change from shorts to something more laidback because I couldn’t take the heat. SEE FOR YOURSELVES:

Bought myself an oversized T and made it into a dress on day 3 because I was close to a heat stroke… and I’m from Miami….


Coachella at night is a different story. It’s cold and breezy, but is it freezing? No it’s good enough to enjoy a festival. I promise.
Total price including ticket: $769/ excluding ticket: $370-$400
Now, was it worth it? Hell yes.
The beer selection is UNREAL.











& you know this wound’t be a trip of mine without some delicious food. Highly recommended, I finally tried Malibu Farm! It was so delicious and honestly, not expensive at all.



I hope you enjoyed the post. There’s an actual video of all this chaos right here. XO

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