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Do you travel? If so how often do you travel? If you’re a travel junkie like me, you do it a lot. Last year was a good travel year, and this one will be no exception. I plan all my travels, but I don’t see me doing that this year. I was talking to my friend about it, and I have the days figured out, but not so much where I’m going if this makes sense.  This little travel jar found during a home haul gave me the inspiration for this year’s endeavors.
I was snooping around doing my home décor shopping for my room and I came across this jar and I immediately knew exactly what I was going to do with it.  Last year I collected all my flight tickets, travel guides, receipts, train tickets, ect. I kept them stored in a box while they faded away. I knew that the best way to honor my travels and remind myself to keep doing it was by seeing them often; hiding them wasn’t going to do the trick.
Instead, I decided to do a little travel jar.  I want to start making them for all my yearly travels and name them by the year.  Since this one is my first one, I’m going to name it ‘Wanderlust’ just like my tattoo. If you want to join me on the fun, continue reading.

I bought this chalkboard jar at TJ MAX, but you can use any jar
To fill my jar, I added photos, tickets, receipts, and notes that I had from previous travels
I wanted to label it something meaningful to me. So I went with wanderlust.

If you like more of these DYI blog posts, please let me know below. I love doing these myself, but I would love some feedback. Thanks for reading!

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