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I love New York. This is about the ninth time I visit New York City. I can’t get enough of it and that’s the truth. I visit the city every year during Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this time around. Instead, I decided to celebrate my birthday this past weekend in the city that I love so much. I remember reading from ‘A New York Guide for Dummies’ that no one in their lifetime can see ALL of New York – pretty crazy and believable! I myself have my favorite local spots that I like to visit during my stay, but I always try to add a few more every time I go.
This time, apart from it being my birthday getaway, I went to New York for the Global Citizen Festival to watch Coldplay perform. If you are new to my blog, I have to share with you how obsessed I am with Coldplay and The Beatles. They are both my favorite bands. So when I found out Coldplay was going to be performing in New York… in central park… on my birthday… I didn’t think twice before booking my trip. It’s one of those moments where thinking about it is not an option. The city was also overflowing with tourists because Pope Francis was visiting for the first time. The United Nations was also celebrating their 70th anniversary in the UN building. So you can imagine how crazy the traffic, the subways, the streets were all packed and jammed.
I love it anyhow. Nowhere else in the world can you feel the way New York makes you feel. At least I haven’t been to a city that gives me the chills as New York does. I will share with you a few locations that I visit every time I’m there. If you’re ever in the city and need some guide, shoot me an email. If you need a calendar with events and information for that particular month, I like to visit this website. Oh yeah, before I forget, I want to thank Airbnb for being an amazing website that hooks it up with awesome last-minute rental places to stay. I was so content with the host and her apartment, and it was all made possible through the use of this site.

I love airplane window pictures. If you don’t take them – start now.

If you think I travel a lot, you haven’t met my friend Gen


Beautiful loft in the heart of Chinatown


Random New Yorker with style
Ask me about the 6 train…


You can find ANYTHING in Chinatown…
Gelatos… in Little Italy.. every single time.
If you’ve been to New York and never gone to Katz… now you have to!
And this is why…
Easily one of my favorite places in New York is Washington Square Park
My travel partner in crime, literally.
There’s always something going on at the park
We stayed at The Roosevelt as well and it wasn’t all that.
My friend was staying at the Gotham hotel… I can dig the views.
I felt like Gossip Girl being at the MET
Favorite burger spot in New York is Jackson Hole, you have to check it out!
Coldplay singing Yellow (second favorite song)
I am a fan of taking pictures of strangers doing normal things
Spotted Jaden Smith in Central Park
One of my favorite peeps ever, my friend Nadine who travels the world touring with One Direction.
First time at Cafe Grumpy and I loved it!!!
First-time brunchin’ at Caballito. I loved it!!!
This is called a ‘Pupusa’ made of corn and cheese. Delicious!


There’s a Starbucks in every corner of NYC – if you didn’t know.


I love this memorial.


Brooklyn Bridge shot


I finally got my hands on my Superstar Adidas


I love street art, especially in New York where there’s plenty of it.
Empire state of mind

The local spots mentioned above have an Instagram and a website. If you are interested in any of them, check them out below:

Katz’s Delicatessen – Follow them here & here
Cabalitos – Follow them here & here
Jackson Hole – Follow them here & here
Cafe Grumpy – Follow them here & here

Until my next post!

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