Sawyer and I live our life on the road. We’re always in either Tampa or Miami depending on how much work I have between my blogging and my marketing job. We’re no rookies on road trips, so we’ve become champions at packing and unpacking in just days. I wanted to share a little bit of our life on the road whilst enjoying the comfort of driving a Lexus GS F for the week. (perks of having such a cool job!)


My week started with a trip to Orlando with my friends to enjoy a day at the parks. We ‘Disney’d’ and if you want a glimpse of all that fun, you can always read over it here. Though this trip to Disney is supposed to only take about a few hours (Miami to Orlando), we drove for a while, but the Florida traffic is a real struggle. We made the best of it though as you can see on this post.

I love making stops during any road trips. We were all so dehydrated we stopped by the gas station and right outside of it found this little gem of a market. Photo ops opportunities are always a true treasure. Winning!


After driving down to Miami from Orlando, I attended an event all about changing the way we diet and staying active. I loved it! Which, got me thinking how badly I want to get into Yoga again and doing exercise regularly.


The drive to Tampa is always the hardest and the happiest for Sawyer. He loves, but loves to get in the middle compartment and just hang’ out. Imagine, he’s been a travel pup since he was 2 months old. He didn’t even get a break, I was quick to teach him about road tripping. He had a fascination with the inside of the Lexus. I did too, I could barely barely feel the road, which took us close to 4 hours worth of driving. The ride didn’t feel long and though I am used to it, it was a breeze driving the Lexus. I learned that my next car needs to either be a sports car or an SUV big enough for the both of us… and yes I’m putting it out into the universe that it’s a Lexus. A girl can dream right?

Between answering phone calls for work during my drive and making stops, we were beat by the time we got home. We practically knocked out right outside my house.. ha! Kidding, but seriously.. someone should have mentioned the struggle of taking things outside of a car and into your home when living alone. It sucks. Don’t recommend it.


I have the worst schedule when I am home. If you’re a remote employee (aka you work from home) the habit of answering emails all day and never getting out of bed can be a real thing.

I try to be as active as I can. I usually do a morning run, make my avo toast, and rinse off. Once my comfy clothes are on, it’s either be on the couch working or be in the little corner aka my side corner office. There’s no in between.

A good afternoon would be us at the dog park. I wanted to show off my cool Lexus around the blog so I drove around for some groceries and to the gym in the afternoon. I think I made a few of my neighbors proud since they too drive a Lexus.


I can only do working from home for tops a day, so the Lexus and I went to a few meetings in style of course.

Visited some coffee shops and finished it off at my favorite place ever… Sprinkles Cupcakes.  If you’ve never tried them, OMG, PLEASE DO (they have a location in Disney Orlando, FL!)


Sadly, we had to give back the car so we drove back down to Miami. I get a lot of questions as to why I split my time between Tampa and Miami and it’s really due to work. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do, but that doesn’t stir me away from my responsibilities at all. Having a marketing job forces me to visit clients that live in both Central and North FL, but having blogging as my other full-time business also forces me to take the grueling drive to Miami and be present to create content. Luckily for me, this time I was able to make the drive with a Lexus GS F.

Funny story – while I was on my way to Miami I had a few people beep at me and give me the thumbs up and point at the car. I felt like the coolest girl ever. The car definitely boosted my confidence. I knew everywhere I went the car was going to be a total highlight, and it did not disappoint.



The Lexus GS F was somewhat economic in gas. It does require premium, but again it’s a sports car and I’m willing to pay the price to drive in style. Would you not? The navigation was probably my favorite accessory inside the vehicle. It was very very modern, chic, and advanced. I could barely hear the sound of the car, which was very cool! The Active Sound Control generated all the sound off. I also felt very safe and comfortable inside the car, but I guess the black interior gave me the sense that I was cruising in the batmobile. I cannot complain.

So tell me now, is your week as crazy as mine? I get so many questions about life on the road and whilst I’m not traveling, my life is really like this on repeat.

This post was sponsored by my friends over at Lexus, but all opinions and photos are my own. I cherish the credibility of this blog and you. I hope you enjoyed it.

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