It’s no secret I am a summer junkie. I love summer fashion (all the dresses!!!), I love summer sun-kissed skin, I love summer every thing! What I don’t necessarily love is the struggle of keeping up with the ideal summer body, which is why I love shopping at Aerie. Shopping at Aerie doesn’t make me feel like I need to be on the struggle machine. I just shop for what I like and make it work for me. It is mostly because the items are made for all women (Aerie Real) of all shapes and sizes. Their apparel is stretchy and comfy enough to last you for a very long time even if you gain a pound or two during your summer vacation.

A few weeks ago I drove down to the keys with my bag filled with some of my favorite Aerie pieces that I will be using this Summer (and all summers really!) and had a fun shoot. Let me know what you guys think… do we love?

If you want to shop the pieces, visit Aerie to get all the looks.

WEARING AERIE | XIO BY YLETTE | Blow Fish Malibu Sandals


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