It’s crazy to think we have options now were years ago before Airbnb came to the picture renting ‘a house’ was only meant for travels that included a cabin in the middle of the woods in the rocky mountains. Who remembers that? Cos’ I do. I remember renting a cabin in Denver, CO about 6 years ago in VRBO. I absolutely loved the experience of being in a cozy home with my friends.

Back in 2015, traveling to New York for a Coldplay concert and having absolutely nowhere to stay because of how pricey the hotels were it’s when I found out about Airbnb. At first, I was so disappointed to miss the concert when a friend of mine recommended I stay at an AIRBNB. My first reaction was like ‘what? I can stay at a cute NYC apartment for a CHEAPER price than a hotel? Sign me up!’ And sign me up I did. I stayed at this very dreamy loft in Downtown Manhattan.

My first Airbnb experience was incredible! The NYC apartment was walking distance to the subway system and super close to some of my favorite gems in the city. If you want to take a walk down memory lane, visit the post here.

In summary, my experience was great. What did I love about it? My host was super sweet. She left a bottle of wine and a mini guide to the city with recommendations coming straight from a local! Something I know I would have not experienced had I stayed at a hotel. I loved the accommodations of feeling like I was at home and part of a community vs a momentarily feeling that a hotel often sometimes can give you.

Today, I’ll give be giving you an honest review as to why I think either option CAN be a good option for YOU.

Why stay at an AIRBNB?

I know Airbnb can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never stayed at one. Don’t be. Think of it as flying into your vacation home. You are renting an entire home for yourself and if you’re on a budget, you can always share space with the owner by only renting a room (yep, you can do this too!). I’ve never done this, so I would suggest renting the ‘entire place’ all to yourself instead.

  • You have your own space to yourself and free parking (most of the time).
  • Sometimes Airbnb’s come with experiences where you’re able to enjoy making wine or pasta in Italy for example. There are tons of experiences while using Airbnb and you can find them here.
  • It is A LOT cheaper when booking with a group of friends. Hotels limit a room to 4-6 individuals and will raise the price if you book for more, whereas Airbnb enables you to book a place for x amount of individuals for a fair price.
  • It’s fantastic when traveling with children because of all the accommodations you have at liberty. Multiple rooms in one house can be helpful when traveling with kids as well.
  • Most importantly, you can read all the reviews of guest that have stayed at this home. They’re always truthful reviews of their experience staying in the home, neighborhood, and conditions.
  • Most Airbnb’s will bring Wifi.
  • You love adventure at an affordable price, I see you. It’s great feeling like you live in the city to which you visit by staying at an Airbnb, I am just like you!

Why stay at a HOTEL?

The most important service provided by a hotel is SECURITY! A hotels main priority is securing the safety of their guest during their stay. This is definitely something to consider if you like to stay in areas like downtown or highly touristy.

  • You have amenities at hand. For example, room service, doorman, valet service, house-keeping, and a concierge desk. Basically, you’ll have everything guaranteed.
  • Breakfast is included (if you want!) or some even serve breakfast in the morning.
  • Most hotels always bring a pool or a terrace to hang out.
  • Hotels are often times located near the perfect locations for sightseeing. If you’ve never been to LA, you’ll notice that you’ll find hotels in Venice Beach, Santa Monica, or near Hollywood Hills. They’re wherever you want to stay.
  • Some of them are often ‘all-inclusive’ which means you’ll have nights, food, and flight all included in the price. This works if you’re traveling for a special occasion like a bachelorette.
  • You pay for quality when booking a hotel stay because you’re a vacationer. You like not having to worry about a thing. You’re visiting to enjoy but you’re strictly a tourist.

For me, It depends on the motive behind my travel. Is it for work? Is it for fun? Am I going with friends? Am I going alone? You have to narrow down your pros and cons before making a decision. Right now, one of my favorite kind of stays is boutique hotels. 

What is a boutique hotel?

Most of these hotels are privately own. They’re not chain hotels like a Marriott or a Hilton. They sometimes have shared rooms where you can pay half the price if you share a room with another guest. A lot of these hotels have cool hipster cafes and backyard bars where you can always socialize with the guest that are staying at the hotel. It feels like you’re staying within a community but also a touristy one as well.

Personally, I love staying at Airbnb’s, and you? What’s your first choice?

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