I’m almost a jordan!

Fifty-one days from today I will be turning twenty-three. Some people call this the Jordan year or another year that is not accountable for anything because you still can’t rent a car being that you’re still not twenty-five. What a dilemma. I am definitely changing, not just my style is revolutionizing but everything I do has a purpose now. It’s not that it didn’t before, but now everything revolves around ‘my future.’ It’s a crazy thing if you ask me. See a few years ago, I was not the long-skirts kind of girl. Actually, I was more of the no-skirts-for-me-please. Now, I love wearing them and as a future twenty-three-year-old, I am embracing the fact that I am never going to be skinny minny, which is totally okay because I hear having curves is in right now. One thing for sure – the older, the more honest I can be with myself about my frame and the clothes that go well with my body. Girls, it only gets better from here for all of us. Don’t be the girl that won’t buy something that’s ‘in style’ because you don’t think it goes with your body type – it’s all about making it happen, making it work. How was your Jordan year?




About 90% of the time, I go out carrying one of my cameras. This one is the infamous Instax Mini Fuji film and it’s available here, here, and here. I am feeling pretty thankful about turning 23, but even more excited about what’s to come…

Mini Fuji-film case found here and here.
Long Jean Skirt is from Zara available here, here, and here.
White Tank Crop Top available here, here, and here.
Shoes available here and here.
Watch by Britto found here.
Lips Bossy by Colourpop.
All photos were taken and edited by Alex Veliz.

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  1. What is your style inspiration? Great post btw! much love (: Loving these fashion blogs!

    1. Thank you!! TBH, lately I don't have a style inspiration. I'm basically following my instincts when it comes to styling myself. Before, I mostly used Pinterest and Tumblr for outfit ideas.