April, May, June Favs

Have I mentioned how bad I am at keeping up with things? No?
Well, I am terrible… I mean I’m giving you 3 months of favorites, because I’ll
be honest, blogging has been the last thing on my to-do list (If you don’t have
one, lucky you).

Instead of doing what I usually do on my previous favorites
posts, how about I just go straight into my favorites? I will give you an honest review on everything.

New Findings:

I have this weird obsession with eating inside gardens. Imagine my surprise when I came across Nikki Beach’s secret of Cafe Nikki. I was sold.  The food is not the best, but I guess I paid for location for this one. If you’re into having a small meeting with someone or just want to have a coffee with a friend, Cafe Nikki is the place.

How cute is this? They have a whole living room section right outside the patio. So chic.

I like green juices, but Nikki does have a really good orange-carrot juice.

For a while now, I have decided to eat extremely clean and more raw food than before. Nikki has THE BEST ahi tuna quinoa salad. It was delicious.
My friends are always talking about Pura Vida, so being the food junkie that I am I gave it a try. They are located a few blocks from Cafe Nikki in South Beach. Honest opinion, I prefer Pura Vida’s menu over Nikki’s any day, even though they are a bit over price.

Their expresso was too good and too cute.

They definitely have the best Avocado-Smoked Salmon toast in the Miami area. Thumps up!
If you don’t brunch on Sunday… what do you do? A fellow blogger, Shay Castillo (check her out here), recommended this little spot for me (Soyka). It’s actually located in Little Haiti in Miami. This little spot is definitely a dream, and although they don’t have an extensive brunch menu, their food is delicious and fair in price. They have a $20 mimosa deal for unlimited mimosas. I didn’t, and I mean ever, saw my cup half empty. The service was incredible even on a busy Sunday they did not forget about me and my grandma (she was date).

All this green… love!

Quinoa green salad. So good!!!

Let’s not forget about the mimosas…
I believe Laduree has been on my favorites before. I am almost 100% sure. I am a super duper fan of Macaroons. I understand that not everyone loves these French yummies, but if you’re into them like I am, Laduree in Lincoln Rd Miami has the ultimate, and I mea ultimate, French Macaroons.

I’m going to take advantage of this mega review I am doing to give you guys an insight on this delightful little book. I read it so quickly and I haven’t finished half the books I have pending. I promise to have a full review going forward, but I actually really liked this book. If there is anything that I have a horrible taste for is how women don’t value themselves when it comes to men. Ladies! Read yourself this book. It’s not going to change you, but it will definitely give you an insight as to how you need to appreciate yourself a little more, regardless of what your partner thinks of you. We tend to be so dependent, but the beauty lies when we are independent and can handle our own ground. Don’t be the doormat or the girl next door. Be You. It should be enough every single time. I highly recommend this book for anyone who just ended a relationship or is seeking for some inspiration to stay single for a long time. 
I also tried Rosetta Bakery in Miami Beach. I am a huge fan of Spanish food. I’m all for Spanish bread, Prosciutto ham, basel, and tomatoes, but not for the price they’re selling it for. It was good, but I think it was definitely a bit over priced. Still highly recommend it if you’re leaving the beach and want to grab a bite.


I am not at all a beauty blogger. Not one bit. I mean, I’m starting to learn how to put makeup on just now, not kidding! I do want to shoutout two of my favorite beauty girls for glamming me up recently. I am terrified of getting my hair done by just anyone. So I called Stylesbyessey. I have been meaning to go lighter, but not so light where I lose my natural brown. I am so thrilled and happy with the finish product. I am super duper obsessed! If you’re interested in doing your hair with her, please go ahead and give her a follow here.

Every single time, it never fails, that I have an event or doing a shoot I call Gaby aka Gabyteemua. I’m sure you already know her, but she’s honestly the best makeup artist I know. I’m not saying this because she’s my friend, but because I just feel extremely natural and beautiful after she’s done doing her art. She’s on Youtube and Insta.

UGH, gaby is amazing!

I know everyone loves coming to Miami for vacation, but I also know that the prices on hotels in South Beach are insane. I was recently invited by The Maker’s Collective to checkout Freehand Miami Hostel/Hotel. I am not a fan of hostels, unless you’re traveling to Europe then sure… but I give Freehand a huge thumps up. I stayed at a private room and loved it! I felt the Miami vibe across the hostel. It’s not facing the ocean, but it’s only a few steps away and honestly, it’s the cutest little hostel ever.

You wouldn’t stay here?

Photo by my talented friend LegendaryAlex

Look at these bathrobes? I wanted to take one home, but they wouldn’t let me!

Just imagine breakfast here… yes? maybe? 
As far as June, well that’s a whole posts alone. I don’t even remember June, because 99% of the time I was moving to another city…. and as far as favorites come from June.. well, here is a picture of him.

Have you met Sawyer?

Until next time, xoxo

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