Before I even begin this blog, you deserve a proper definition of what Art Basel is if you’ve never ever heard of such a thing. Art Basel is an art fair that only showcases in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Miami, FL (in the U.S). Some of the world’s greatest art is showcased in these fairs. Every year thousands fly into these countries/cities to either see the art, buy the art, or take pictures with this art. YES ART MAKES FOLKS TRAVEL ACROSS OCEANS.

I’m going to help you enjoy this art for FREE.

While in Miami, you’re going to hear a lot about Wynwood (a few blocks of wall covered in art). Without ever taking the credit for it, Miami became one of the The Art Capitol’s of The World. In such a short period of time that it still shocks me to witness such growth. I remember like it was yesterday when ‘the now infamous’ Wynwood was nothing but a few blocks worth of mini bars and restaurants. The walls all done by Miami natives (not sure if this is still a thing, specially during Basel week) have become a secondary option to what Art Basel (fair expo) offers.

During this week in Miami, hundreds of artist that don’t expose their art at the actual Art Basel convention, look for other locations to showcase their art work: Like Wynwood and Miami Beach hotels. This is where you’ll get to experience the Basel experience for free.

Ever heard of Event Brite? Make sure to visit this website for all events happening in your city. During Basel week, this is going to be your go-to for all the events you want to take part in. Except, you won’t be waiting for the week of, you’re going to search a few weeks before and search for “Art Basel.” You’ll see tons of events populate and some even be considered as “preview” before their opening day. You will sign-up to all these events for free on their “early bird” option or “free pass” option. These have a limited quantity, which is why you need to be on this a few weeks before Art Basel week in Miami.

Here are a few to visit you should consider visiting:

Red Dot Miami

Spectrum Miami

ArtSpot Miami

Wynwood Walls (tons of galleries in all of this area)

Wework & Ocean Drive Mag (sign-up to their newsletter so you don’t miss out!)

50 Hotel (always has an exhibit!)

Nautilis Hotel (always has an exhibit, this one in particular was Sarah Bahhah)

Scope NOT FREE, but with a student ID the price drops (my favorite one!!!)

Basel House

Freehand Hotel (always has an exhibit)

Faena Hotel (always has something going on!)

Influencers, email your favorite galleries. By doing a simple search on what hotels will be hosting at their venues, send them your media kit and a nice proposal. Remember that exposure is not necessarily something you can offer as they will be receiving plenty of it during this week. You want to build the relationship and mostly the network.

I love Art Basel in Miami. It’s like Fashion Week in NY, but extremely colorful. I look forward to it every single year, and cannot wait for next time!

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