During Art Basel week in Miami, one of the galleries I was stoked to see was Ruben Ubiera’s murals at the Sprint VIP Art Basel Event. I love when latinos strive for greatness. So imagine my excitement when Sprint invited me to attend their event to witness the urban-pop art show.

Sprint did such a phenomenal job at creating an up-beat and energetic ambiance during Basel week. They greeted all their guest with a tote bag filled with goodies, had a delicious cocktail bar with special drinks designed just for the occasion, a station to create your own graffiti (which of course I took full advantage of!), and the food… oh the food! They even included an ice cream station with vegan options!! I mean they truly outdid themselves.

Most importantly, I was able to use my phone. And I know you’re like how is that even relevant? Well, there was absolutely no signal anywhere in all of the Wynwood/Miami Beach area, and I mean… no signal. Luckily for me, during this event, Sprint was so kind to boost us with Wifi for us phone addicts. I didn’t miss a single snap or Insta story that’s for sure.

As for the gorgeous graffiti murals done by Ruben, they were a total highlight. They celebrated freedom, community and connections. I also think I over did it with the photos, but I was invited to this event, do you really think I wasn’t going to take a million pictures? haha, you know me well enough by now, right?

If you’re into Art Basel, I wrote a whole guide for you to Basel like an influencer + enjoy free art galleries.

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