I don’t know about you, but taken or single, Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day happens to be one of my favorite holidays. It’s the perfect excuse to try out a restaurant you haven’t been to or revisit one you absolutely love. I wanted to help you celebrate love by giving you some options to dine-out (day or night) this Valentine’s Day. 

Miami is growing so rapidly I know it’s hard to pick a place to dine since the options are endless! This list is for regular eaters, paleo, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, you naaaaame it! Maybe you find yourself quenching for a New York steak but your significant other prefers tofu…no worries, I got you covered!

Malibu Farm 

  • Miami Beach
  • Open Daily 8AM – 9PM
  • Breakfast – Brunch
  • For all eaters

Couldn’t travel to Los Angeles for brunch? That’s fine, take your loved one to Malibu Farm in Miami Beach and feel like you’re in the Pacific Coast overseeing the ocean! I love the vibe here – it’s romantic, farm-like, and intimate. If you want to enjoy brunch and catch a movie after, this is the place. I know Avocado toast is the hype, but can you imagine eating a whole avocado pizza here? Oh yeah, they have it! After, you can walk right to the beach, spend the whole day with the bae, you know you want to! It’s a Pinterest dream! 

Lung Yai Thai Tapas

  • Little Havana 8th Street
  • Tuesday – Sunday 12AM – 3PM / 5PM – 12AM
  • Lunch – Dinner
  • For all eaters 

Noodles are your jam, right? And you’ve seen so many Thailand photos you’re ready to hop on a plane and travel to Asia? Yeah me too! That’s why I love eating at Lung Yai! It’s a hole on the wall, but its the most delicious Pad Thai I’ve ever had in Miami. It’s in the heart of Little Havana, which means you and your loved one can walk this historic street and head to Ball and Chain afterward for some drink – I would too! Lung Yai has various options, but the catch here is you can only order EVERYTHING once except for drinks, you can keep ordering beer and wine as many times as you want. I love having Tom Kha soup for starters with sticky rice. This place is my go-to when I’m on a date.

The Local House

  • Miami Beach
  • Open Daily 8:30AM – 12AM
  • Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
  • Regular eaters / Pescatarians

Okay so you live in Miami, but you NEVER go to the beach? And you’re huge on fish? This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’re going to be a tourist in your own city by visiting this location. In the heart of Ocean Drive and just steps away from the beach, you and a loved one can have one of the most romantic dinners ever! If you’re a big fish lover and can eat fish every single day, this is the place for you. They have some of the best oysters I’ve had in Miami and highly recommend for a romantic dinner for two. The location is also so good for brunch (in case you’re interested!) they have an extensive menu to pick from. Walk the streets hand-in-hand with someone special and explore Miami Beach as you’ve never done so before.

The Diner Wynwood

  • Wynwood/Midtown
  • Open Daily 10AM – 11PM
  • Brunch – Dinner
  • For all eaters

You celebrate love all day every day, amirite? How about for Valentine’s Day you grab some local food and drinks with your loved one and just walk around taking photos of the newest things happening in Wynwood? Maybe after some drinks at the Diner, you can go dancing at Dirty Rabbit or bar hop? If this is your vibe, I highly suggest the Diner! I love their menu so much that you can find me here at least once or twice a month! The euro charm and rustic vibes are a plus and if you’re a local, it’s time to act like one in your own city, let’s go! Also, don’t forget to order some frosé, they’ve got some delish drinks here.

27 Restaurant & Bar

  • Miami Beach
  • Open Daily 6PM – 11:30PM
  • Dinner (except the weekends, they serve brunch!)
  • For all eaters

Do you love adventure? You’re into trying new things and you want your loved one to try things for the first time with you? ahhh, I love people like you. Let’s ‘jump-together kind of people’ you’re my type. The 27 is the spot to be in Miami for some cool vibes. It takes you back to a 1930s Miami with a mixed of American and Mediterranean food. It’s seriously delicious! The atmosphere is also one of my favorites as the restaurant is dimmed down to make it romantic and private. If I was growing up in the 60s, I imagine all the restaurants looking like this. Once you’re done with your dinner, head outside for some drinks at the Broken Shaker, they serve the best drinks I’ve had in all of Miami Beach. 


  • South Beach
  • Open Daily 12PM – 3PM / 5:30PM – 11PM
  • Brunch – Dinner
  • Vegan only

Where all my vegans at? I know Valentine’s Day in Miami can be tough since not all cute and charming restaurants serve vegan only options. No worries, Planta is all vegan and it serves the perfect charm for a date with a loved one. It’s right in South Beach and walking distance from the beach and a few blocks from Ocean Drive. If you’re feeling it, you can even Uber to Lincoln Rd to watch a movie after having some Mac & Cheese at Planta. 


  • Downtown/Brickell 
  • Open Daily 12PM – 12AM
  • Brunch and Dinner
  • For all eaters 

You’re such a city person, you’re all about city lights and city views, huh? This Mexican restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat in Brickell. They have freshly made guac, and it’s not extra here! It’s always included in most of the food items served. If you’re a Frida lover like me, they have an incredible painting of her that’s Instagram worthy in this spot. I’m huge a fan of their tacos too, especially their shrimp tacos. The cool thing about dining here if you’re in downtown is you’re only steps away from tons to do and sightseeing! 

OTL Miami

  • Midtown
  • Open Daily 8AM – 6PM
  • Breakfast & Brunch
  • For all eaters

Why wait until dinner to make the day special? Maybe you’re a brekkie person and you love having breakfast more than you enjoy dinner on the busy night of Valentine’s Day. Though OTL Miami is not the most ‘romantic’ the vibes are awesome here. This place is sunny and charming! One of the yummiest avocado toast I’ve had. They have an outdoor seating where you can have a conversation while people-watching. It’s also located in Miami Design District and near Wynwood where sightseeing is a must. I love any opportunity where I can be a tourist in my own city. This is an opportunity for you to be one if you visit OTL!

St. Roach Market Miami

  • Midtown
  • Open Daily 9AM – 10PM
  • All day dining
  • For all eaters

What if your date is into pasta but you’re craving sushi? Or vice versa? I know I’ve been one to always change her mind last minute when it comes to food. I can be at a restaurant and already crave another dish. At St. Roach, you have OPTIONS and you can both choose from multiple dishes. Similar to a buffet. Also located in Miami Design District and near Wynwood where you can sightsee everything in the area. There’s art, music, and plenty of food around here. YOU CAN BE PICKY!

Koki Experience

  • At home
  • Open Anytime
  • All day Dining
  • For all eaters

Here’s the deal, I know sometimes we prefer the comforts of our home, but we just don’t want to cook. What if a chef comes to your home and cooks dinner for you and a loved one while you set up the house all romantic? I’m serious, this totally can happen if you choose to go with the Koki Experience. I’ve done it before and absolutely loved it all! 


I’m so excited for you to try some of these places, they’re my ultimate favorite in Miami. Perhaps one day you’ll see me at one since I love visiting them quite often. Is there any in particular not mentioned that you love eating out? let me know below!

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