Bonjour, Paris!

I had written a whole story to tell you guys about Paris. Then, going through my pictures I realized I could write a book about my experiences in this beautiful city. That’s what’s so special about traveling, especially alone, you are living a story that could be told only by you – It’s like experiencing a fairy tale. As for my story, I will tell you a chapter about the man in the striped shirt.

I remember I had left the Eiffel tower straight to Champs-Elysées for some shopping. My distraction with French macaroons took the best of me and I left my map while buying goodies (yes, I carry maps for the just-in-case moments). Walking out of the store, unsure of where to go I decided to head right towards the end of the street of Champs-Elysées. I recall walking and walking until I came across the man in the striped shirt. He was riding this three-wheel bike – similar to the carriages in New York with the horses except he was the one peddling.  He asked me if I wanted a ride and for obvious reasons, I said no. I assured him I was waiting for my family who was behind. I knew he could tell I was lying because of how shaken and cracked my voice sounded. (Shaken because my phone battery was dead, no map, and no address to my hotel – just lovely).

He insisted that I trust him to get on his carriage bike and that he would show me around safely. Taking what I called at the moment a “leap of faith,” this man prevented me from an event had I not jumped on his wagon. He did show me a good time taking me to the Locks Love Bridge, The Louvre, and The Tuileries Garden. He gave me a sweet description of what growing up in Paris was like – making jokes and conversations until the end of the tour. We said our goodbyes all while he asked me to learn how to trust my gut and also the elderly, for he knows more of life not because he is old but because he is wise.

If you are interested in a travel guide for Paris, enjoy every second of it. If you have any other questions regarding my trip to Paris, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d love to help you plan your trip, especially to Paris.

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  1. Amazing! So beautiful Joss! You should most definitely write a book as well as create a coffee table book with your photography! The world needs to see your adventures and be inspired by them.

  2. Love your blog! How are you liking the Avarcasa? I've been meaning to buy a pair of chic, comfy shoes! Do they hold up in the rain? (I live in Miami as well) I want to use them for school, I love the convenience of sandals but you cant beat the comfortableness of sneakers. Do these fall in between the two? Let me know! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you!! I am loving them! I have like 7 pairs. I don't suggest you use them if it is raining outside because the leather can get ugly if exposed to water. They are a plus for school in my opinion. I would consider getting a pair for days you want to make your uniform different and you're tired of the everyday sneakers look. Tag me when you buy them, I want to see them 🙂