Chasing Carpe Diem

let me begin by saying congratulating you on a happy new year.

Can you believe it? 2018 already.

I know you may be a little confused right now from the title of this post, but let’s me explain:

When I started my blog, it was mainly to share my pictures and my love for photography. I wanted to share a side of me that only my camera knew at that time. After learning how to shoot both portrait and landscape, I fell in love with story telling. Sometimes I felt like a photo wouldn’t express everything I wanted to share. So I opened my blog Jocelyn Fotografia. I wanted my photos to have a story. So many opportunities came from my time as a photographer, I met so many people with the same passion as mine. We all wanted to take pictures and travel. I even taught a few about the magic of photography and have since outgrown me. I loved it: teaching, taking, and then editing.

Still, I was not satisfied. I was always seeking for more. At the this time, people would ask if my website had an official blog name, and I was always confused because I thought Jocelyn Fotografia was a fair representation of who I was… am. That’s when Chasing Carpe Diem came to mind, but I shook it off.. because I was determined to make something out of JF. To me it meant, opportunity and growth.

Fast forward to today,

I’ve outgrown Jocelyn Fotografia as a whole. I no longer see myself as a photographer. After traveling to so many countries, cities, and receiving all your messages of encouragement to keep going to keep chasing, I’ve decided to make the change. I’ve been told to be the inspiration behind so many of your travels and wanderlust moments that it’s only right I make this an official movement for all of us. My travels and my stories have never been about me, they been about Carpe Diem. They’ve been about seizing the day with whatever we are given. Chasing Carpe Diem is mine as much as it is yours. Whenever you’re questioned about the things you do, I want you to respond “I’m chasing Carpe Diem.” Don’t feel ashamed or second guess the things you love. If they make you happy, Carpe Diem.

While Jocelyn Fotografia still exist, it will eventually do a comeback, but it will solely be about photography or similar.

I’ve been since the very moment of opening my blog chasing for Carpe Diem. I did with love, I do with travel, I do with myself. I will continue doing so for as long as I can.

Whilst the wake of a new year, I wanted to start new. Give my life and this blog a small change towards the right direction. I will continue to create content solely based on Travel and Lifestyle. I know change is tough, you don’t have to tell me, but this is good. Otherwise, I would never put in jeopardy the relationship I have created with you. Ever. I ask you to give this change a chance, take a leap, and Carpe Diem with me.

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