helllllo you guys, so halloween was basically Sawyer and I in my mum’s couch watching The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix (if you haven’t binged watch, get to it!). Well, it was mostly me covering my face the entire time and Sawyer being complete bothered by me… haha. If I would have been in the mood,  I would have totally worn this on Halloween Day. I’m gearing up for one of my favorite time’s in Miami, Art Basel, and I’ve decided to pick the most complicated time of the year to throw my first ever event – FEEL FRIDA BE YOURSELF. If you’re in Miami, I’d love to see you there! So inspired by everything that’s going on with the event, I put together this outfit of day of the dead. I truly love Halloween, and I promise that next year I’ll be more active and give you more ideas to dress up. For now, let’s keep this outfit here for the record that I did dress up haha… at least for the gram…

  • Top: Forever 21
  • Bottom: Amazon
  • Shoes: Forever 21

Thoughts? Did you like it or not at all?

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