Nasty Women Galentine’s Day | DIY

My girlfriends (AKA the Nasty Women in my life) and I are big fans of celebrating Galentine’s Day. What’s better than a day where we empower each other even more? We started two years ago with the showing on Fifty Shades of Grey and have been celebrating it since. We plan on making Galentine’s Day a tradition from here on out.
This Galentine’s, I wanted to be so extra with my gift bags that I went all out for them. I wanted to share a DIY for anyone interested in doing something similar for his or her girlfriends/friends this year or for future reference.
I bought everything at Forever 21, because truthfully you could never go when doing things like these, right ladies/gents?
1. I bought the cute “Unimpressed Kitty Club” tote at Forever 21 for only $4 each or less. I mean how cute is this? Aren’t we all in this club? (Not showing available online, but I do believe they are in-store)

2. Then to name each tote, I wanted to make it a little vintage. I bought these cute tags at Michaels along with the stickers and mesh strings. You can also find it at any supplies stores near you. Everything was close to $10 total. 

3. Inside the bags, I wanted to be sooooo extra. I mean, THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. I got my girls graphic tees with sayings like, “Not Your Bae” and “You Break it, You Buy it.” All these adorable Tees were purchased at Forever 21 as well. Total of $35 or less for 5 graphic tees. 

4. All Nasty Women need a little sophistication, so I added inside the bags makeup accessories such as matte lip sticks, blenders, make-up removers, blotting paper, ect.

5. Possibly the most essential item were these face masks, because after a long day of being the NASTY WOMEN that we are bossing life – a glass of wine and a face mask does us good also found at F21; which totals all to less than $40.

I had my Galentine’s Day before heading to Mexico, but I had so much fun. It’s so empowering to surround ourselves with women who push each other to be great. Hope this little tut helped you empower your girls with a little goody bag. Happy Galentine’s Day!


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