Miami dreams and hotel review…

This morning on my usual daily-morning-routine between preparing my meals for the day and figuring out how to get dressed for work in a time-lapse of only thirty minutes, I kept repeating my mantra, “Dreams are only dreams if we don’t chase them.” It got me thinking if anyone else has a morning mantra? Or something we say every morning to actually get us out of bed when we really don’t want to.

Luckily, this morning I didn’t have to push myself out of bed. After spending my 4th of July weekend only thirty minutes away from my home but five minutes close to the beach, I had nothing to complain about. Even though I wish I could go back to Friday because this weekend was THAT good.

Having back-to-back vacations has taken a major-major toll on my diet. I am the usual 5-meals-per-day person. My meals all consist of protein and loads of veggies, but I have adopted the see-food diet where I eat anything that’s to close proximity like ice cream. I got this ugly habit from Rome, where I would eat my meals and quickly scavenger hunt for Gelato. This is a problem with traveling, you get used to other cultures and you tend to bring them back home. So I am going to “chase” the dream of getting back to my routine no matter what.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Richmond Hotel this weekend, if you are interested in staying with them during your stay in Miami (south beach area) check Hotels because they currently have the best deals for this hotel on Monday mornings.

I realized this weekend that I want to do a Miami itinerary, but sadly I don’t know my city as well as I should because it’s constantly evolving. Determined to get this itinerary down, I’m going to explore my city this summer.  If you are from Miami, let me know what places I should check out; such as restaurants, bars, cafes, markets, clothing stores, clubs, ext.

How awesome could it be if we do this itinerary together?

I will link anyone who helps me build this low-budget guide with their Instagram names

Here are some pictures are taken by my beau and me. All edited using Mextures and Afterlight.


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