Drive-thru VA, NC, SC & GA

2015 was definitely a year I will never ever forget. Hell, I will probably tell my kids about all the wonderful adventures and the beautiful people I met last year. The year ended smoothly and perfect – now that it’s gone, I can’t picture any other ending besides the one I had; driving through the coast passing state by state.

I welcomed the New Year with crackers, marshmallows, and dark chocolate on a cold night by the river; a burning fire on a shivery night. As tradition goes, we had our official sparklers, our 12 grapes, our Moet champagne, and the countdown until the clock hit 12.
Waking up on New Year’s day at a ranch in Mouth of Wilson, VA. It had the typical picket fences, the shed, and the never ending acres surrounded by mountains. It was different. I woke up to a cold and foggy morning without a single sprinkle of snow. The grass was frozen, the roads wet and muddy, and the tree branches departed.
I woke up embracing the new start, very much excited for the mountain hike of the day. We stayed fairly close to Grayson Highland Park, so it only took us 30 swirly minutes to the top of the mountain. Where we hiked, climbed, and took our first pictures of the year.
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I am always about taking pictures; so this trip was no exception. I carry with me my current obsession Sony A6000. 
Here we were driving to Mouth Of Wilson, VA. I had to stop and take a picture of this because it reminded me the show Smallville. 
Any opportunity to wear my Timberlands.

Welcoming the New Year munching on Marshmallows.
Trying to spell 2016 with slow motion effect on Nikon D60
Hiking Grayson Highland. This one is the Horse Trail.

I have no chill

I love my team. I mean, is there anything we can’t do?

When the lighting is perfect…

Hikers always have to register if the hike is longer than 1 day.

This tree is effortlessly ready for a photoshoot

leave me here, please

Mouth of Wilson, VA

I was never able to capture a deer, but boy did they love to hang around here

Letting my shadow lead the way…

Passing by a few North Carolina ranches

Charlotte, NC

We made a stop in Charlotte just to try their famous BBQ, we stopped at Midwood Smokehouse 

It was cute and cozy, that’s for sure

Lighting is key in photography

So of course, I do what I know how to do best

Hello, Atlanta, GA

We heard great things about the chili hot dogs at Varsity in GA.

I guess I started the year the only way I know how – on the road. What did you guys do?

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