The truth is, Sunfest was a ball! I’m nowhere near at a concert/festival junkie level, but I enjoy them so much when the lineup is as good as the one I experienced at Sunfest. I was pretty excited to get the invite because I knew I was going to be seeing Incubus and Zedd on the same weekend. I also got to enjoy West Palm Beach for a few days. Though you’d think living in Miami for many years one would visit often, but this was my second time (AND DEFINITELY NOT MY LAST) hanging in the area.


I was given the opportunity to meet the guys from Lovely The Band and talk a little bit about how they wrote their hit song ‘Broken’ and have reached 14 million streams on Spotify alone.  The band is so down to earth, we talked about that one item they wont go on stage without. I learned that Mitch, the lead singer, loves his overalls. I can’t blame him, I have one in every color myself. While Sam, the drummer, stays more low key with ‘a good pair of boots.’ I loved meeting them, specially because they too love to travel though they mostly do so on tour at the moment (#goals!). I am so excited for their future, and if you haven’t listened to their song ‘Broken’ make sure to do so, it’s one of my favorites right now. And if Tulum is one of your bucket list destinations, know that it’s Jordan’s (the guitarist) as well.


If you’re thinking of going to Sunfest, I would recommend looking for either an Airbnb or something very close to Downtown WPB. I stayed 20 mins away from the festival and it wasn’t so inconvenient, but I would have liked to stay closer of course. Prices range the farther you stay. I stayed at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott (though a little far), I felt the vacation vibes at the hotel. If you’re not part of the Marriot Rewards, I suggest to join now to be placed in a “nice floors” and enjoy the perks that come with it.

If you’re into a more upscale stay and want to be close to the beach, a few of my friends did stay at the Eau West Palm Beach, and it was beautiful! Highly recommend though it will cost you for location.


I get this question so often about what to bring to a concert and honestly? nothing. I’d do a clear backpack, with a portable iPhone charger. iPhone cable, your camera (make sure it’s not a zoom in lens as some festivals/concerts restrict the use of this kind of equipment unless you present a media pass), chap stick, definitely cash (some stands won’t accept card), and your tickets/ID (of course!).


I love styling for concerts, who remembers my time at Coachella? This time I collaborated with Bohemian Groove to create a few of my looks. I felt like a flower child after styling these pieces. I’ll let the photos do the talking.


If you want can squeeze some time between the mornings and the festival, I’d love for you to visit some of the suggestions below:


Where to grab some yums?

I can’t wait for what next year has in store. I am looking forward to another round of music and good vibes.

Are there any other festivals you recommend I attend? Let me know!

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