Florida to California 2021 (travel guide inside!) ✨

Hi guys, happy 2021!! Oh my god, I am so excited for this year. Maybe too excited. Maybe I shouldn’t be SO excited, but I just did this amazing trip with my brother (from Florida to California) and it was truly all I needed to start the year, and well of course I’m here to share the stops with you that I did myself, so that you can safely do this roadtrip as well.

If you’ve been wanting to travel from Florida to California, I will say right now is the best time. I found New Orleans almost empty as opposed to that one time I traveled to NO where it was completely crowded.

I did share live footage of my 3-day roadtrip on Instagram and you can check it out here. And of course, my brother and I had to do a fun tiktok to give this adventure justice.

Hope you enjoy the footage & tips I put together. Let me know If you do this trip, and of course if you have questions, happy to connect with you below!

TRAVEL GUIDE: Florida to California


Drove from Florida to California, now make us famous 😂😂 #Welcome2021 #RareAesthetic #crosscountrycheck

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