As much as some of us enjoy meeting and connecting with people, there’s nothing more awkward than a first date. Nothing! This post is dedicated to all the weird first dates where you keep looking at your phone patiently strategizing a way out. Hoping this will teach both parties to make it less weird and a token to kill all the awkward moments of silence.

People lie if they tell you that the beginning of any relationship is perfect – maybe after a couple of strange/awkward dates. It’s already a given that the first date feels like you’re at a job interview. Starting with the usual questions, “so tell me more about you?” or “what do you do for a living?”

We are in a new era folks, don’t kid yourself, you’ve done your fair share of snooping your date before the actual date. You possibly already know what they like to eat, how they like to dress, and where they usually hang out all thanks to our friend Instagram.

So let’s skip the obvious questions, truly consider being out of the box and getting to know the person you’re on a date with. Let’s move pass the pre-screening you did a few hours ago on their social networks.

If this person is compatible with you, let’s drop the act and ask questions (if you’re still surveying your date) that directly relate to you. For example: If you’re into sports, ask the date what kind of sports they’re into or if they even like any.

Getting to know someone is going to take more than one date, so don’t over do the questions. Keep it casual and have a conversation NOT a survey. Having a full conversation will determine if this person passes to phase 2. If the interest is there, a possible second date is in play and you are free to ask all those ugly-job-interview questions because A. you really like this person and B. they’re not boring to sit through a dinner with. Ladies, signs show that if your date is going too fast; he wants to end it as fast.

Now, you may be asking yourself about those individuals who are anti-social-media. Friends, they do indeed exist, welcome to a real date. This is like going on a blind-date knowing absolutely nothing about the other person, but luckily same rules apply. NO SURVEY QUESTIONS! Go out there and enjoy yourself, bring out only but the best version of you.

Good luck friends,

Going on a date soon? Want to keep is causal? Maybe this look would spark some motivation. I’m wearing fitted Levi’s, off the shoulder Forever 21 crop top (sooooooo in style right now!!!), and also Forever 21 Faux Leather Flats (extremely hard to break into, kind of disappointed with this purchase).

All photos by SMSHOOTS

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