For the local and tourist alike: A South Beach Travel Guide

A year ago, I would have told you not to book a hotel room in South Beach. Instead, I would have guided you to go anywhere else but Miami. Today, If you don’t vacation in Miami, Are you doing life right?
I didn’t love Miami, I’ll be honest, It wasn’t my city until I had to leave and experience something different. Or until I had to defend that Miami is not as everyone outside of it may think. I found myself taking a lot of pride that I came from the 305. The rich hispanic culture, the cuban coffee you have in the morning (even if you’re not cuban), and the music, oh how can we live without our salsa! But, I’ve heard the craziest stories about how mean and rude Miami folks are from people who live in the same state. There’s no way they were talking about MY CITY. So shortly after leaving Miami, I decided I was going get to know Miami every and any opportunity I had when I was in town. I’ll warn you, this won’t be the only guide you’ll find here about Miami, there will be a few. But first, I wanted to create one that really gives you the feel of what a tourist and local experience here at home. I do this entire itinerary, without even thinking about it, quite often.
If you’re a local, you’re going to feel like an outsider and appreciate our home a little more. If you’re a tourist, Welcome to the 305.


Say you’re staying in South Beach, book a hotel way in advance. My favorites are between 16th st and 44th. Anything passed that, I don’t personally suggest unless you like being isolated. I stayed recently at the AC Hotel Miami Beach and loved it.





I like a hearty breakfast, and lately I’ve been loving an avocado most for breakfast. Some of the best brunch sports are DIRT, Zak The Baker (my ultimate favorite), and R House in Wynwood (aka the art central of Miami). After, I like to have a photoshoot around Wynwood. There’s really no other time to enjoy the art work if not done in the daylight.
This is at local fav in South Beach called Pura Vida


Zak The Baker


The Real Zak


@ Zak’s


The Diner in Lynwood


Quinoa Salad please?


I’d take an over to 17th st aka Lincoln Rd where I would rent a couple of city bikes and cruise South Beach. The city bikes go as low as $10 the hour. If you’re looking to do something more relaxing, definitely walk to the beach on 17th and lay low.

Lincoln, hey!





Usually, after a nice beach day, I go straight to Spris right on Lincoln to enjoy a Margarita Pizza.


It’s too early to call it a day. I either uber or drive to Biscayne Bridge to catch the sunset. It sets so nicely here it’s quite the view.


My actual favorite spot in all of Miami



At this point, a good nap in your hotel room goes a long way, but if you’re a local I’d still suggest the same. The night is far from over. If you’re feeling fancy for dinner, and you want to stick to South Beach, I love to have Prime Italian, but if you want to stay within your budget then right across, you can indulge a large portion for two at Big Pink. Same view, different price.

Try not to eat too much, because right when you’re done, you’ll be heading right back to Wynwood to enjoy a few drinks and giggles at El Patio (currently my fav spot) or at this rate, any other bar that you can find at Wynwood. If South Beach is your area, Ocean Drive has a strip of bars and clubs that you can enjoy, but as a local, I’d go with Wynwood instead, because nothing says hipster like the art district.

I’ve done this itinerary so many times, I’ve lost count, but not once has the experience been the same. That’s what so special about Miami, we have just touched the tip of the iceberg or better yet one spoonful of flan, because there’s still so much left to do.

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    1. Of course, Any time! Please read the book, it's life changing. If you ever have time to visit Miami, don't even think of it, just do it 🙂