This is going to sounds very silly to you, but I had a goal this year that I would not only visit all The Freehand hotels but also get the opportunity to work with them, and it makes me so happy to say that I can scratch this off my list!

In partnership with Hotel Tonight, an app I have used over the years, I got to visit The Freehand New York. This gem opened early 2018 and so many of my own friends highly suggested I check it out. Already fallen for their Miami location, obsessing with their Los Angeles rooftop, and did I mention how perfectly located their Chicago one is? I couldn’t miss on the opportunity to visit.

I’ve learned a lot about traveling to New York from past trips.  I know that finding the perfect location is almost impossible, because there’s sooooo many amazing hotels I can recommend depending on location. It also depends what kind of traveler you are… are you touristy? adventurous? Or Localist? Or all the above!

I like to divide New York into 3 different sections: Uptown, Midtown, and Downtown.

  • Uptown: if you’re into Central Park and that’s what you’re coming to NY for.
  • Midtown: you’ve seen the movies in Times Square and you cannot picture a visit to NY without waking up to the buzz of the city.
  • Downtown: The Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, and Brooklyn Heights is your jazz!

Personally, I’m a Downtown kind of girl, but I can’t picture a visit to NY without paying The Flatiron and Grand Central Station a visit. That’s why I think The Freehand Hotel is perfectly located for those kind of people (midtown/downtown!).


The hotel transports you to the late 60s early 70s in NY when John Lennon would walk the streets along side Yoko Ono. The startup of a multicultural metropolis as we know it today. The major vibes in this hotel.

I love everything about it – the decor, the location, the vibes.

I also love that it has a rooftop bar ‘The Broken Shaker,’ which is known for their savory tropical drinks. The bar originated in Miami and I’ve been given them my stamp of approval. I thought it was super cool that they had a menu with only Miami drinks. I guess when you’re in the middle of winter in NY and you’re reminiscing on Summer, this is the place to go… at least I would do it, if I were a New Yorker.

The rooms are small, but if you’re a couple or a single traveler, it’s poyfect! Really, theres enough room to sleep, place your luggage, and create a little space of comfort.


This app was my most used app in 2018. I used it for almost all my trips this year. I think the most beneficial way to use this app is to book VERY closely to your travel date. The best rates are always the last minute deals.

If you want to save some money, use my code JOCASTILLO94 for $ OFF!

If you want a full NY travel guide visit my NY city pass post.

I had such a great time visiting the city with my dearest friends Gaby and Nany, you can enjoy our little adventures here. I even got to see Lisette again, and that’s always a plus when you have friends who live in other states!

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