This blog is definitely a random ramble one because I haven’t written anything in a few weeks and I couldn’t continue without doing so because I missed it sooooo much!

So why not write to you about my current love for planting. I guess it started when I first moved to Tampa about 3 years ago. I (also) can’t believe I’ve been living on my own for that long… so surreal. When I moved on my own, I brought a little bamboo with me and since then it’s grown so beautifully. It almost looks like a grown tree. I’ve been able to grow this little gem via propagation. A method where you grow part of the root into a new plant via water in a bowl. I have loved seeing my plant grow and I notice the difference every time I come back home from trips/vacations. It’s incredible!

Fast-forward to today, my mom was super down about her recent plants dying and she didn’t understand why. My grandma and I decided to surprise her by growing a few of them for her. Mind you, my mom lives in a townhome and her “backyard” is a balcony… so you can imagine this garden. So far we have a few Aloe Vera plants, Succulents, Lavender (recently planted!), Anacamperos, Bears Paw, Panda (same succulent family), Hens and chicks, and Stonecrop. We did a family strawberry picking and it was so much fun that grandma and I decided to plant strawberries as well. They’ve grown so much! 

A few takeaways from planting my own garden (and not technically gardening), I would say you have to grow where you are planted. We’re a lot like plants you know… give us enough sunlight and water and we will bloom. It’s very much therapeutic and highly recommend you try it. Nurturing seeds into plants has been an incredible experience.

If you live in the Miami area and want to learn a little bit about planting and gardening, I would suggest you pay Midtown Garden a visit and learn how to make your own little garden or plant something to take home. It’s very relaxing AND affordable!

Okay, so this felt good. A little writing helps so much when you’re running blanks. What do you guys do when you’re not ‘creative’ I’d love to know your outlets…

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