Where are my Halloween witches at? I know, I’m not the only one who LOVES Halloween and takes full advantage of it to dress up as their fave character, whether it’s a sexy vampire or the fairest of them all… snow white? I absolutely love dressing up for this holiday. I’ve put together my Halloween outfits for as long as I can remember. So for this year, with all the uncertainty, I wanted to put together outfits that inspire me that can help you with your own! So let’s go way back…


Okay, talk about putting together a last-minute outfit with this one. I seriously had so much fun being snow-white last minute. I picked a blue top I had and mixed it with a ballet tutu I bought at party city. Threw some makeup on, and ran out the door! The college version of me was all about simplicity. haha!


Now, this may be my fave outfit of all time. I absolutely LOVED making this outfit. I knew early that year I wanted to be Wonder Woman from DC Comics. Being the huge comic book lover that I am, I just knew. I bought this corset and fixed it so that it would match my shoes. I bought the shorts separately and glued the stars onto the shorts. The belt and accessories I did purchase from Amazon to give it more of a comic-look. I ended up selling this costume… so RIP. I miss you.


She’s probably one of my fave DC comic villains. I absolutely love everything about Poison Ivy and it could be because I am a plant lover myself and I identify so much with this gal in how intense she loves (ugh, it’s a curse! haha). She’s also got a major crush on Batman and I mean… don’t we all? I did make this outfit myself and unfortunately, no longer have it. I did cut fabric pieces I bought and put this one-piece together and then glued leaves all over the outfit. I even went as far as creating a leaf-sleeve to make it seem like the plants were growing out of me. Honestly, such a fun and easy Halloween costume to create! May do it in the future again!


To all my Star War fanatics, you know it feels amazing to dress up as a Skywalker. This year was so magical because it was my first year with my pup Sawyer. I was not going to celebrate it but I put together this outfit soo last minute. I bought the accessories at a Party City and using my own clothing I put this outfit together. Super affordable and quick to do!

I even got Sawyer a Batman outfit too to match my previous year outfit, just in case I ever re-do Poison Ivy!


In 2017, I didn’t dress up but instead flew to NYC with a couple of friends. I put on the best Blair Waldorf outfit I could put and walked around the park. Lived the most Sex & The City I could live that weekend. I even found a club in the village and danced the night away! 10/10 would repeat!!

Sawyer did dress up, he was the cutest bad bunny ever!!!


I have a love for this queen. I wanted to embody El Dia De Los Muertos and Frida Kahlo together. I have been an admirer of Frida and the Mexican Culture for quite some. Maybe, even more, when I visit Frida’s house in Mexico. I just loved everything. So that year I decided to dress up as her. I made the costume myself using fabric and customized the skirt. The blouse you can find at stores like F21 or even Asos. I bought mine online from F21. It took me so long to do this, but I had so much fun. For the makeup, it was all thanks to @dearlianet and the photos by @legendaryalex.


Ah, I had so many plans for 2019, but between moving back to Miami, having a house under construction, and just boxes everywhere. A true Halloween nightmare, I threw a small party at my house with my family and friends. I put on Dora The Explorer outfit because truly, I was trying to figure shxt out haha! I bought the top and bottom in amazon (prime) and then got the wig online as well! Super simple to recreate and fun for a last-minute costume.


AS FOR 2020,

I am still debating what I want to be for this year! I’ll be sharing on Instagram quick and easy costume ideas that you can do at home. Not sure what I’m doing for Halloween yet, but I definitely want to be spooky! What about you?

ah, don’t we just love the holidays!! Anyways, thanks for reading another blog post. Besitos, Xx

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