Home is where the heart is: Nicaragua

Am I allowed to promote my country as a place to travel? Maybe not, but I had so much fun during my last visit (early March to be exact) that I wanted to share some of the pictures I took during this trip. I even made a video you guys! Rare of me… but so excited to give you the entire scoop. It had been a while since my last visit so I decided to fly home for a couple of days. Nicaragua is considered a 3rd world country but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful to travel to. One of my favorite things about visiting Nicaragua is reconnecting with old friends and family members. You know where you sit with your childhood friends and talk about your first crush ever? Or those super mega-embarrassing moments you had growing up? There’s something beautiful and innocent to be with people that know you from day one.

In Nicaragua you can expect to be constantly surrounded by mountains and seeing a horse cross the street is by no surprise at all. Sometimes I feel like I’m visiting the past every time I’m there. It’s such a strange feeling. During my stay, I was finally able to learn how to properly milk a cow! It was the funniest experience ever, but I did it. I wanted to visit indigenous communities that focus on making clothing and jewelry by hand. I got myself a handmade bag and a few pair of shoes. ALL HAND MADE! Personally, I would rather wear these than designer shoes.

If you’ve never been to Nicaragua and would like to go, consider the following places to visit:

As usual, I will look into Airbnb for places to rent out. I’m so over hotels and I find it more local to stay with the locals, you know what I’m saying?
Here are a few options I found:
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Cities to keep in mind if you want to visit,
Masaya (shop handmade!)
Granada (Europe back in 1900s)
Matagalpa (What we consider New York)
Managua (The Capital)
Leon (If you’re into the pacific ocean)

Volcanoes to keep in mind,
Cerro Negro
Telica San Cristobal

Until Next time, XOXO

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