I’m writing this post away from home because I miss home (Tampa). I actually never pictured myself missing a place I never wanted to move into in the first place, but I miss the fresh paint from my apartment, the neighbors walking their dogs at all hours of the day, and I also miss the convenience store outside my home, because the lady who runs it is always watching the same shows I watch – so yeah, I appreciate that!

I’m currently in Miami right now working from my mother’s house getting my life on track, because although traveling is a huge part of both my jobs, sometimes it leaves a trail behind of adult stuff I actually have to do.

Either way, I wanted to share some of my favorittttteeee places to hangout while I am in Tampa. There’s not a lot of them, because when I am home, I AM THE ULTIMATE HOMEBODY. I never want to leave my loft, unless it’s to visit these gems. I promise I’ll do a more extensive guide to my hometown. For now, visit these…

Hyde Park (downtown Tampa area)

The Oxford Exchange

  • I love this giant dreamy coffee shop. It’s aesthetically beautiful. You can grab yourself a cup of jo from Buddy Brew and hang out OR you can brunch at their restaurant. I don’t necessarily love their menu, but it’s alright. There’s truly no place cuter in Downtown, Tampa than Oxford.

I look forward to being home for a few days in the upcoming weeks to enjoy some Buddy Brew Coffee and munch on Bartaco’s tacos.

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