How to Stay Organized in 2017 | DIY

Life is already messy, right? Cos’ mine is chaotic,

I’m always busy – just ask my friends how it is to even plan a dinner. I need to at least have a week-notice in advance and somehow, I still manage to be that late friend. I think most millennials have this in common where we think we’re busy people when we’re actually not. But as messy as life can get, I still plan in advance. I was born a planner – it’s practically part of my DNA. However, I can’t get the hang of planning things virtually, like, having my calendar setup or my iPhone reminders and alarms on. I simply can’t do it. I need to touch my ‘plans’ physically. I need control of my life or the idea of it.


Since high school and all through college, the only way I have been able to keep myself organized is by the beauty of an agenda. I can’t live without them. My agenda is sacred, my holy grail, my diary, my bible. It knows me. So, I advise you to get yourself one, right now. If you’re not in sync with your days, this is the way to go. My iPhone calendar is setup according to how my agenda flows – no lie.


& you can’t just get ANY agenda, no way!


My kind of agendas are those that come with cute motivational quotes outside of it.

I need to grab it and be inspired by what it’s telling me on a daily. I need it to say, ‘Think Happy Be Happy,’ like YAS, tell me, remind me!

I love spiral agendas because they’re similar to having a notebook or slick ones with just a cover on them. I love agendas with pockets to store little receipts. Sometimes I even like to print a photo of a particular moment and keep it in the pocket so it goes everywhere with me. I am not a fan of large agendas, simply because I tend to carry-on a medium sized bag and I want it to fit perfectly. I also like for my agendas to have enough description room to cover all the ‘To Do’s’ for that date. I know some agendas even bring stickers… okay, cheesy, but I do put a cake sticker on my birthday, because… it’s my birthday!

I’m big on decorating, so the more life I can bring to the agenda, the more inspired I am to keep myself organized and up to date.

Always start with a cup of jo


It usually goes something like this…


RIP Agenda (I always keep a backup now, because of this little dude)


He doesn’t give up


This is when I step in, usually late, but I still get some cuddles out of it.


I’ll give you major inside scoop, on a yearly basis I buy one right at the beginning of January to mark down all the days that I hope to take off for my travels. I like to take off on a Friday if a Monday falls on a holiday or vice versa. I know most jobs usually give up to 1 week vacation, so it’s important to spread the days evenly throughout the year and mix them with holidays so it feels as though you have more than just a week off from work. That’s why early planning is important, or at least marking the days down so you have an idea of a possible vacation days.

Currently, I try to prioritize travel days on the weekends, because it’s hard to find a sitter for little Sawyer, so my agenda is constantly changing. What are your days like? Do you have an agenda or do you just note everything on your iPhone? Give me the deets!



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