I sublet in NYC! ✈️

Last year while I was in quarantine, I dreamt of traveling again. I kept asking myself ‘why not sublet in NYC?’ ‘Why not road trip across America…’

Until this early April where I finally booked my one-way ticket to NYC and settled for a sublet in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). It took some convincing to have one of my best friends join me on the adventure. It’s been a month now, and I am pretty exhausted at the amount of fun we’ve been having, seriously it shouldn’t be allowed (teehee!)

Do you know how they say New York is the best during the summer?

They’re not kidding. I haven’t stopped since I got here 4 weeks ago!

But today’s post is less about me and more about how you can do this too!


Sure NYC is the best option when it comes to subletting, but think about where you can picture yourself living like a local? If you love driving, NY may not be the place for you, but California could be? Driving was not even a priority for me. I knew I had the subway to count on — Don’t even say Ubers, because they’re so expensive. Ultimately you need to find a place that feels like home.


You can go for the easiest route and look for an Airbnb! The only downside about Airbnb is the extra fees and unrealistic prices Airbnbs do have. Most homeowners add these fees to make extra dollars on their home (can you blame em?), but you may get lucky like I did and find yourself an affordable sublet for the right price! If you’re also staying for a longer period of time, feel free to email them directly and strike a deal. Another thing you can do is search on Facebook Groups. I don’t know how it works in LA, but for Miami and New York, there are folks subletting their entire homes for a long period of time. Especially right now when most people are ‘working from home’ and have left their homes to go stay somewhere else.


The first question you’ll have to ask yourself is, what do I use on a daily? For example, when I was doing my daily make-up routine, I packed what I actually used instead of overpacking. Same for skincare, day-to-day routines, etc. As for what type of documents to bring with you? take the most necessary things that you’ll be needing. Turn all your paper bills to email instead to avoid missing anything while being away.

If you have a pup, I would make sure to take all the vaccination docs. You just never know with pups, especially if you’re flying on an airline, this is super important.

I didn’t buy any food, because it’s easier to purchase everything in the city you’ll be subletting. The less you have to carry the better it is.


Should you plan? If you’re traveling to NY the answer is always going to be a YES! There’s so much going on in the city, it’s important you make a plan or at least make a list of things you want to see and do while you’re in the city.

BUT, have some free time to explore and get to know the place you’ll temporarily be calling home.

Ultimately, have fun with this. Temporary moves are pretty amazing, so just go with the flow. In an upcoming post, I’ll be sharing all the things you can do in New York!

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