Hi friends! It has been quite a while, hasn’t it? I feel like 2019 was a blink of an eye and I can’t believe we have started a whole new decade. I feel I must hold myself accountable for it.

When I think about the last decades, I recall the early 2000s starting back in Nicaragua with only but a few months before leaving the country and moving to the states. As for the 2010s, I was a few months away from graduating from high school and truly starting to live out my dreams. What has occurred from then to now has been… well.. a lot.  Some of which you can find on this very blog from love stories, to travels, to personal struggles I’ve lived through during the last decade.

I anticipate that I will have a lot of stories to share from here till the next decade, but for now, I want to share these photos from my trip to Madrid. Where I started this decade. For a Madrid guide, you can always read over my first trip here and if you want to visit Toledo you can also visit the blog post here as well.

I wanted to keep things simple for the start of this new year.

What are my goals for this year? I plan on being consistent. If life has served me right, it’s that nothing will come to fruition if you don’t water your seed consistently. This is me doing so.

Happy New Year Friends, I love you.

xx love ya guys

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